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phoenixw.png.-:The Phoenix Legions:-.phoenixtrans.png

Requirements: 150 + Combat (Freeplay)




worldmap.png About Us


TPL is a large, friendship based community clan. We have over 4 years experience under our belt and a happy environment for all.


Over the past few years, our member have both come and gone.

However, The Phoenix Legions has maintained it's core qualities; Our Family. Our Core Group Of Friends.


To The Phoenix Legions, you are not just a rank, another piece of manpower or another few posts closer to infinity.

You are you, an individual, and you shall be treated as and respected as such no matter who you are.

If you want to be part of a clan like this, part of something fun and enjoyable, then you are looking at the right thread!


In The Phoenix Legions, we can guarantee you a friendly, relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

We will guarantee everyone a voice, an individual voice. All that you're required to do, is speak up.


Our clan is made up of a broad and varied mix of personalities and people. So don't be shy!

Our fellow Phoenixes are always charming and respectful to one another.

We are always up for a laugh, a joke, a mess around. Or we can also be there should you need to talk to someone, or even just vent your frustrations!


We're here for all kinds of things, from debating important clan issues,

to helping someone along their way on a goal or achievement, or even to celebrate said achievement!


What we want to do for you is to help you create an enjoyable Runescape experience,

we like to give you opportunities to help us shape the clan to suit you.


If The Phoenix Legions is the clan for you, then you can check out our forums here and see if you'd like to join.

If not, there won't be any hard feelings, our members frequently come and go at their discretion,

but even should you leave, you will always be welcomed back with open arms and wide grins.





worldmap.png Information


Official Clan Chat

The Phoenix Legions


.-:Official Cape:-.

Team-46 Cape



World 33 (freeplay), World 97 (members)




mysterybox.png What we Offer



We host a wide variety of events.

These events are hosted not only by our official event planners,

but also by our members who we encourage wholeheartedly to plan their own events and do things that they wish to do.

The same applies to you! Our events are both freeplay and members and also are often taken with our allied clans.



Our clan has a very active forums. We are constantly adding to our forums, whether it be the look or features to help make

it more enjoyable.



The Phoenix Legions clan staff are always willing to help any of our members with any quest or skill they may be stuck in or

just need a little guidance.


.-:Clan Chat:-.

No matter what time of the day your playing Runescape it always seems that there is a friendly face in the

clan chat to talk to.




royalcrownu.png Staff Members






.-:High Council:-.




.-:Event Planners:-.














portraitm.png Pictures




Join Today!

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The phoenix legions is more than just a clan. Its a group of friends coming together and killing things. Doesn't that sound just touching :aware: Remember a clan that kills together stays together :)

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Crazy day yesterday. I went to Imperial Forces full out with SpiritZ. Egrules and Me Me came with me but Me Me had to go and Eg' had lagging issues so he couldn't participate. We won though. After that, we got everyone in our clan together to go hunt some revenants and that was pretty fun. We didn't see any for the first half hour and quite primarily waited for Solid' and Aracnos to show up. But after that, we got out encounters with Revs' and killed a few Greater Demons as well. I died by the way to a Rev' when we were just about to end - wasn't watching my hitpoints but at least I got everything back thanks to Me Me.

Anyways, after that we went cabbage bombing, though some of us had logged out. I invited Redup and Franciscob from Imperial to come and they did. We bombed Falador but only for a little while. I was truly tired and decided to leave Runescape after that, when the others logged. I had great fun and so much to do yesterday.

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This is an awesome clan. Joined last night and I feel welcome and I've had loads of fun already!

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This week's Hide 'n' Seek is going to celebrate the end of my Freshmen year at school. I get out of school the day before and after the event I'm going to go to this club right next to my church and my house to go see a few bands play. Saturday's going to be cool.

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Sounds.. cool. :aware:


I never knew we had our new topic up so quickly! :wub: It looks great, by the way. :)



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Thanks. And 10 more days 'til you're back on Runescape! I can't wait to see you and Red online again (even though he'll be grounded).

I can't wait either! :) I've missed pelting you with snowballs... :wub: And by the way, Red'll be grounded? :aware:


Hide and seek coming up soon (I think). :ice:

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Ohhhh... well, I asked him about it, and he said that he thought that he would be grounded. :aware: He's not. :)

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Well we don't have a main time zone but most of us are from the United States. But I guess it would be US Eastern time (GMT -5) because most Phoenixes live around this area. Does that suit you?

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Thanks Mushra. It was nice to finally talk to you again since you left and that you showed up to see our war victory. I'll try to have the war post up as soon as I get Eventual's options picture.

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