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Runescape Dinasty Vs Strength In Numbers

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Strength in Numbers approached RuneScape Dinasty earlier on today asking for a 20v20 fight with RuneScape Dinasty. Decideing not to go ahead with the 20v20 because we felt we would have to sacrifice too many people we agreed to have a matched options fight in order to give more people the chance to fight. The fight was to take place with the following rules;


  • Matched Options
  • P2P Clan Wars
  • Best of 3
  • All Styles Allowed
  • All Gear Allowed
  • No Summoning Creatures
  • Central Boundries
  • Infinite Run Allowed
  • Team who has to drop attacks first round, attacks alternate thereafter


Round 1:

Sin wins.




Sin Ending: 19

Rsd Ending: -


Rsd attacks due to the rule stating the side which has to cut people will attack first. Being a bit rusty having not had a p2p fight with these similar rules in a good few months we made some mistakes and threw away this fight. Taking nothing away from Sin they still had a job to do to beat us, congratulations Sin.



Round 2:

Rsd wins.








With a bit of confusion concerning Sin attacking before we were ready, Rsd decided to exit the clan arena. This was an honest mistake simply down to lack of comunication between each of the pk leaders. I hope no clan took offence to this because we all know mistakes happen.


After seeing what we did wrong in the first round we were quick to work on our tactics and put up a much stronger performance. Having to defend in the second fight we took a strong lead early in the fight and continued to take down Sin members with good strong piles.



Round 3:

Rsd wins.








The final fight was set to be a close battle, with both sides winning each of the previous fight we were aware that we had to put up a very good effort to win battle. Trying yet again another tactic we quickly got a number advantage over Sin and with some great organisation and individual efforts we pulled away a healthy lead.


Great job on coming back to win the overall fight Rsd, and thank you very much for fighting us at short notice Sin.

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Great job everyone, they were a lot tougher than expected but once we cracked their tactics we did very well :aware:



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