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Full Screen Resolution Problem

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Well today I went on Runescape and used the new "Full Screen" option. I'm assuming I used the wrong resolution at first when I full screened it and because of that any other videos I see full screened on other websites such as YouTube have a messed up resolutions.


For Example:



As you can see the bottom toolbar in the image that uses pause, shows the time 00:07/06:00, and shows the sound volume, is enlarged. The quality of the video is also messed up.



I tried readjusting the resolution from my computer and runescape back to the original, but the videos in full screen just stay the same. It's not the normal resolution I have a problem with, it's just that anytime I try to full screen the resolution becomes messed up. Any ideas? :aware:

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Have you checked your video card/chip's drivers to make sure that they're the latest available? FYI, minimum requirements just means that you'll be able to play it. It doesn't mean that the game will run smoothly.

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No I like this guy alot ;) this is a very comin issue with Runescape streaming between window's, I personally don't like this switching to HD should be an issue at hand, I just want to play full screen on one screen without it exiting out on the other. Developers need to know this, this is going to be the future of runescape pritty soon, just think about it, not all explorer's support runescape the world of gaming is slowly starting to full screen app's, when in full screen you can't multitask! because between window's without the system to fuzz and click you out, I expect result's and we need the word to get out, because this has to happen, for the future of runescape and it's superintendents streaming is the next best thing. correct me if I'm wrong. this issue demand's it's self to be fixed. people arn't one track mind's not today not ever!

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