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James - EO Forever

Elite Order Vs 3v0luti0n X

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Elite Order vs 3v0luti0n x


17v17 (matched Opts) P2P


Eo and 3v0 Starting: (3v0 dropepd from 22) 17


The fight started off with a lazy rush on our part, 3v0 picked a good defensive position and caught a lot of us (luckily our rangers) far from their pile. Then our mages hit them and at that point we rushed in at full force. Overall it was a great fight, we had a slight lead through the beginning of the fight, then it became larger, however 3v0 caught up a lot near the end and scared us a bit. B-) However, in the end we pulled it off, great fight 3v0, if you have any problems about the fight, please pm me.


Eo Ending:



More pics coming soon + vid, soz :-)


No flaming from EO, period!

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Good fight 3v0 and good job to us, it was very fun. Expect EO to be in a lot more P2P fights in the near future, I'm just glad we managed to pull through with the victory and stayed strong. Lets keep it up! :aware:


~Bolton Squad~

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