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Log of One Woody! Update: 86 Slayer


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Grats on 96 attack :wizard:

Thanks. :box:


Grats on surpassing me on Attack! For now. >:/

Thanks, but, I'll get99 first, I hope. :D


Gratz on 96 attack! When is 99?

Also how do you do links to other places in your log?

Woody's Log

[topic=228250]Woody's Log[/topic]

Just change the numbers to what ever topic you want. :P

83 Slayer, dragon boots pl0x. :rich:


Zamorakian spear split.


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gratz on 96 attacking things, 83 no more pies to be eaten yet! and the z spear split

I've never eaten a wild pie, and I don't wish to. :P


Grats on having a total level 2 under mine and 83 Slayer and 96 Attack :wizard:

Thanks. :box:

10m attack exp


Loving my spiritual mages tasks. :/

1st pair


2nd pair


3rd Pair


I've made about 2m today alone. :rich:

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Grats on getting your 1st and 2nd pair of boot pics mixed up :P

Grats on 3 pair you lucky noob and grats on 10,000,000 Attack exp

Lol, no right order, 2 different tasks, plus look at the message saying how many creatures i have left, do the maths nub. :D


Aren't Spirit Mages epic? :D To bad I've only gotten 3 tasks of them 83 -> 88 Slayer... :wizard:


Grats on 10m Attack exp, and 3 boots.

I've already had my 3 tasks, now I may not get anymore, thanks alot. :rich:




Congratulations on 10 million attack XP and the dragon boots! :/

I'd love to see you get some epic levelage once in awhile, of course not saying that this is epic levelage.. :box:.

That may no sense, l. :P


Gratz on 10m exp, lol wish i had that amount but sigh, one day :P

Gratz on Dragon Boots and all that.

Thanks. :wubL

4 & 5th pair of dragon boots. :D



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Congrats on the bootsies, Woody :box:.



Thanks. :/


gratz on 5 dboots, 96 attack and 10m attack xp, why dont you use a familiar at mages?

Am I suppose to bring a familar to spirt mages. :wizard:


Wowzers, grats on getting all that epic loot.

Thanks. :rich:


I think since your getting all the loot, that you should adopt a orphan and give him all the boots to keep his toes warm :D

Nah, but keep updating us with the loot :P


Your may just be next. :D


Sadly i don't screenie my d boots anymore, i just get way too many and takes too long, by the time i crop 1 pic i get another pair, Gratz tho :P

You have taken my dreams and crushed them good sir. :P


gratz on 5 d boots and 10M att xp <3

Thanks. :D

90 Hitpoints.


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