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Log of One Woody! Update: 86 Slayer


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Congratulations on 90 hitpoints! :rich:

Thanks. :D


gratz on 90 healthy hearts you gave me!

Thanks. :D


Gratz on 90 hp Woody

Thanks. :P


Grats on 96 Attack and 90 Hitpoints :D

Thanks. :D

OMG SPAM Thanks :P much geez....


Gratz on 97 attack ya noooooob :P

Lol, stfu. :D


gratz on 97 stabbing swords, closer to 99!

Yeah, hopfully 99 won't be too longf. :D


Grats on 97 Attack, Woody. Only about 2m exp to go :D

That'll only take what? One? Maybe two hours? :/

Lol, what is this? Construction? :D


Congratulations on 97 attack! :P

Thanks. :P


Grats on 97 Attack :D

Thanks. :P


Hurry up and post a level :wizard:

Levels are hard to come by, plus i'm not getting any drops. :D


Congrats on 97 Swords! :box:



Thanks. :P

84 Slayer


11m Attack exp.


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Hurry up and post a level :wizard:

Levels are hard to come by, plus i'm not getting any drops. :rich:


Excuses Excuses thats all we ever get....

nah jks man lol good work on 11m attacky xp and 84 slayer man

Keep up the good work :box:

Thanks mate. :P

made fake. :/

Just my starting stats tho. :D


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Grats on 3m Slayer xp :wizard:

Thanks. :/


Nice fail with the DDS, and a 10/10 fake for the dragon boots drop. :P

What, the stats were the fake. :P




Congratulations on 3m slayer exp, 6th pair of dragon boots, and a fair DDS split! :D :box:

Thanks. :rich:


Congrats on 97 attack Woody :P GL with 99, your almost there :D Nothing like hitting so often :P Full support. How about a post in my log, please vote too, :D


Thanks. :P


Congrats on everything! Nice log :D.

Inorite. :D


again, bring a titan to mages...lol. theres no reason not to :D


gratz on the 6th pair of boots, nice split :P

There reason not to too. :D


Gratz on the boots. hmm i realyl should get my slayer up.

But, you're a pro() camper. :D

98 Attack, one more. :P


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Congrats on 98 Attack, Woody. :P

Thanks. :/


Congrats on 98 Attack, Woody. Almost there! :wizard:.



Yeah, hopfully get 99 on thursday-friday. :D


gratz on 98 attack :D get 99 already plawks?

Nou. :P


Grats on almost reaching 99 att!

I support and I like your layout!

Post in my log pl0x<3 :D

Thanks. :rich:


Congratulations on 98 attack! :box:

Thanks. :P


Congrats on 91 Hitpoints@@!@!@! :P

You is very quick. :P

91 Hits.


12m Attack exp


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