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Log of One Woody! Update: 86 Slayer


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gratz on 98 attack and 91 hits, woody :wizard:


no party details? want to see if I can go :/

At this stage, I'm hoping I could get 99 on Thursday, but, Might make it on Saturday so more people can come. :box:


EDIT: Posted the part details here http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=299397

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Congrats on 98 attack and 91 hitpoints. Your almost there. I will do my best to be at the party!

Thanks. :box:


Congrats on 98 Attack! Good luck with 99, soo close :/. Good luck with 85 Slayer too. Nice stats mate, great log too. I'll probably be at your party :rich:. See you there :P


I posted, so now your one of my supporters. :wizard:

6m Hitpoints experince.


Maul 2 & 3



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Congrats on 6M Hitpoints experience and some cool drops. :P

Do me a favour, would you? :P

Thanks. :box:


Congratulations on 91 hitpoints, 12M attack exp, 6M hitpoints exp, and the mauls! :wizard:

Thanks. :/


gratz wiht both the maul drops

and 6m hp exp =]

Thanks. :rich:


Congrats on close to halfway 99 hearts and the mauls :D.



Hopefully 99 hitpoints will be soon, to. :D


eyyy!!! remember me? lol. I went on a RS break for awhile :P


gratz on almost 92 Hp and the g maul =p


good luck :D



Of, course I remmber you. :P

99 Attack, 1,800 total and 110 f2p combat. :P


85 Slayer.


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Congrats Woody!


The party was so delayed :rich:.



Inorite. :P


Congrats on 99 Attack mate! Sorry I missed the party :'{! I feel guilty now (. Hope you have alot of fun with Attack cape and never missing. Take a pic when you hit a 0 :D.


Don't worry about it, I'll show up late to your next 99 party, okay. :P


Grats on 99 Attack bro :D

Thanks. :box:


Congratulations on 99 attack, 1800 total, and 85 slayer! :wizard:

Thanks. :/


Gratz on 99 attack and abby demons :P

Try getting defence to 99 nao k?

Ur rite i shuld. :P

3 Dragon boots from 1 task. :D




81 Defence and 120 combat.


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