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Log of One Woody! Update: 86 Slayer


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Congrats on 81 Defence, and nice Dragon Boot drops! 3 in one task is pretty sweet. :P

They make up for when I camped at spirt mages for 400 kills and got 1 boot. :P


Congrats on haxxing your drops almost as much as I did with Blake's CC. :D

Oh and 81 Defence. :D

Yur not haxing, just no lyfing. :D


Congrats on 99 Attack Woody, looks like your still going strong even if I've quit Failscape! :D

Thanks. :rich:


Extreme Luck at SP Mages :D

Inorite. :D


Gratz on 81 defence, 120 cb and insanely good drops! :D

Thanks. :P


Congratulations on 81 Defence, 120 combat, and the instantaneous drops! :/

Thanks. :D


Congrats on the bootsies, 81 Defence, 120 Combat!



Thanks. :D


Gratz on 120 Combatyness, 81 Defence and all the drops :D

Thanks. :P


i shall support you to the very end


i'm close to some of your skills mate


cheers! :wizard:



Good for you, bet I'll max beforre you tho mate. :P


Come and fish with me in F2P? :box:

Make me! :P


74500 lobsters x 435gp each = 32,407,500mil!


How bout you give me 20mil for doing teh math :D


Good luck on 99 pal :P

I already did the maths, was gonna fish monk fish, but I make 3m more at lobsters. :P

82 Strength, got this yesterday, forgot to upload. :P


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Woody stop the 99s, your overwhelming !!!

I'll never stop. :D


Congrats on 92 Fishing! :wizard:



Thanks. :)


Omfg they have a link in that 82 Strength pic? ^_^


Congrats, wow, Runescape is getting easier and worser. =(

I only had 192k exp left to get. :P


Congratulations on 92 fishing! :box:

I got 1K more lobsters than you. :P

Thanks. :D


Already so, here it goes, Lobster are dead boring, but I'll make 3m extra, but Monkfish are way better exp, and all get 99 even sooner, so what do you guys think?


EDIT: For the meantime I'll fish monks til a reasonable amount of votes have come through. :P

Edited by Woody
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  • 2 years later...

God, I hope I remember how to do this. :(

So I heard all the bots are gone, LOL won't work for me, so here I am.

Nothing changed stat wise, Oh wait, whats this, 99 Fishing? :D


I'm still aloud to post this yeah?

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omfg it's woody@@@@


Welcome back! :(



And yeah you are allowed to bump this.

Dis guy, no wise cracks about the rugby, mkay. :D


Welcome back Woody, we missed you! :P


Good luck on whatever the hell you're gonna do now :P

Most likely, i'll be just doing random skilling, quest ect. :D






im lalas/tubby :P :P :lol:



Nothing much bruztec. :lol:




Alright, so long weekend, might play some good ol' Runescape, might study for some Year 12 Exams, might sleep, lets find out shall we. :P


EDIT: Should mention that I got hacked, so I lost 30m and lots of other neat stuff, but i'm contend, life goes on. XD

Edited by Woody
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Epic 99's :P.

Glad to see you're back,even though I don't know you-you have an epic log <3

Cheers buddy. :(


Been doing some slayer, got some cash, bought my fishing skillcape back :D, now I'm working on getting some skills, up, might get 70+ all stats soonish, but I need some money, so mining was my first choice to get. :D


Lets a Go!



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