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Log of One Woody! Update: 86 Slayer


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Grats on 67 rc! :P

Thanks. :(


Grats on 67 RC. :D


You posted in my log that it must have been my "52nd log" :P, but I don't honestly remember you...care to jog my memory a bit? :D

Hey I remember you! Woodpure444, Limpbizkit, that's me if it hepls. :D


68 Runecrafting


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Congratz on the rc level!! Closing in on 70 :P

Cheers. :D


Gratz on the runecrafting level! :D


I like runecrafting, pitty it goes so slow no? :(

Inorite, lucky for dragon ball z, might have gone crazy. :P

70 Runecrafting, call me crazy, but I'm going to hang on to this money, go back to slayer, and earn some gp, then get my buyables, note: I fghgddfhdsrdfhdf hate dungeoneering. :D


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Gratz on 84 defence! Having fun now. :P

Cheers. :(


Congrats on 84 def.


I can't quite remember if you're the woody I used to know or a new woody. I don't suppose you remember Sax Rocks1?

Does ring a bell.... Thanks. :D

89 Strength.


79 Range.


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Gratz on the range levels :D Nice to see another who does the circus also, always seemed like I was the only one who still did it regularly :L

OMG! I thought I was the only one. :(


85 Defence and a clue that was somewhat rewarding.



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Broken link. sad.png I believe you though! Gratz! smile.png

Yeah, I don't think I'll upload from the laptop any more. wink.png

80 Range, plus a few other levels, but there on my laptop and swiftkit doesn't like my laptop with the screenies.


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Ah woody.

I remember when you had 99 attack with like 70 strength and defence, or was it 80. Good times, good times. Grats on 80 range biggrin.png

Let us not live in the past... tongue.png

O yeah! Way to go. Range is the best! (Its my favorite skill!)


62 Farming and 70 Construction, another 70 down, yay...! biggrin.png



86 Slayer


Edited by Woody
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