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new chapter! mods plz don't merge it.


chapter 8:the new ???


tbo1000:(pounding head against wall of spikes)why?whyyy?whyyyyyyyyy?

bob:whats wrong tbo?

tbo1000:we let ??? get away.why didn't we catch him?

tbo1000:he could be lightyears away right now.

bilbo:no hes right over there.10 feet away from us

bilbo: oh and tbo your head is bleeding

tbo: ok bye

(tbo goes unconsious)

(??? is waving to them)

???: hi guys

bob:no he is too far away!

(a raptor pops out of the ground)

raptor:i'm rappie the rapta and im here to say...

(bob drops an anvil on the raptor and kills him)

bob:that i am going to kill you today!

(bob is at lvl 100 wildy)

(a lvl 3 rev comes)

rev:aw man you are too low of a lvl.i can't kill you.

rev: can you move into lvl 101 wildy?


(the revenant kills bob)

(bob ends up back in lumbridge)

bob:oh sweet 10 party hats

(sandwich lady comes)

sandwich lady:would you like a triangle sandwich?


(bob grabs the sandwich and gobbbles it in 1 go)

sandwich lady:that will cost 10 party hats plz

bob:no way you stupid lady.it was 1 piece of bread

(sandwich lady teleports him to bounty hunter)

(bob wins bouunty hunter)

bob:oh sweet i got full dragon, 100 party hats,100 santas, and an easter ring.

(a lvl 3 kills bob and steals everything except 10 party hats)

bob:aw man i'm back in lumbridge

bob:at least i still got 10 party hats.

(sandwich lady takes the 10 party hats)

sandwich lady:thank you come again.

(bob puts 2 pieces of chalk together and makes a whole which he jumps through and ends up in varrok)

(varrok is ruined and everyone is killed except for ???)

bob:you killed bilbo,tbo and the narrator?

???:yeah i killed them while they were waiting for you to get back and now i'm gonna kill you bob!

bob: no you arent because i have a(grabs sword from nerest corpse)BRONZE sword.

bob:well what do you have?

???:full dragon

bob:oh come on!!

bob:oh well lets fight

(??? burns bobs sword in 1 hit)

(bob pokes ??? in the eye)

???: ow that hurts so bad!!

(??? knocks bob to the ground and is about to kill him when)...




see what wwill happen in the next chapter





will someone besides me plz post?!?

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new chapter! dont merge



Chapter 9: bob and ???


???: well your dead

(??? Stabs bob and bob explodes blood all over)

???: wow that was weird

???: eww I got some in my mouth

???: hey it tastes like ketchup

: That's because it was a bowling pin filled with tnt and a ketchup bottle

???: what who said that?

: I am the ghost of christmas pas...hahaha I can't do it.

: I am invisi… whoa whoa ahhhhh

(Bob falls out of a tree surrounded by bunnies)

???: what's up with the bunnies?

Bob: I don't know

???: oooook?

???: now you will die!

(Something hits bob on the head)

Bob: ow! Oh it's a letter

Bob: I'll just throw it away

Some voice: don't throw it away! Read it!

Bob: ok gosh

Letter: say bobadoodilopilis

Bob: frankacheesedoodlesinminneapolispenguinsflyingoncloudsinmyhead

Letter: close enough

(Bob teleports to a city)

Bob: where am I?

White knight: you are in falador

Bob: you mean varrok

White knight: no I mean falador!

Bob: varrok!

White knight: falador!

Bob: varrok!

White knight: falador!

Bob: varrok!

White knight: falador!

Bob: varrok!

White knight: ok fine you are in varrok

Bob: yay!

White knight: you have some friends here

(Tbo and Bilbo come out)

Bob: ahhhhh! Die!

(Bob pulls out machine guns and bazookas and other modern weapons)

Tbo1000: where did you get...

Bob: die!!!!!!!

(Bob chases Tbo and Bilbo around shooting at them and killing falador guards, white knights, black knights, the bankers, and raving rabbids)

Bilbo8934759:what was that for?

Bob: you guys are so ugly that you deserve to be dead

Tbo1000: this will be the end of the chapter because I need to kill.. I mean talk to bob

All citizens of falador: us too!

Edited by tbo1000

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It's not that great, tbh. Hard to read with grammar and spelling errors. :aware:

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Bilbo: hey bob!, buddy here have a cookie!

Bob: why is this cookie shaped like a bomb? oh well *starts to move toward mouth*


*??? takes off costume and reveals cookie monster*

tbo: WHAT THE %$%#^$#$#@ OH MY %$#%$ HOLY #@#[email protected]#@

tbo: *slams head againts spikes again and bleeds to death* bye bye

cookie monster: ooh cookie * eats and blows up *

bob: that was easy

???:haha that was fake

???: *throws bomb at bob * hahaha *??? flies away*

bob: ah! oh i caugt it .... ok i throw it waaaaaayyyy over there were nobody is *throws*

tbo: *apears from teleport right were the bomb is* son of a *MOD*

tbo:bye bye * goes back to lumby*

bilbo: ok ??? went to edgeville lets go!

* everybody at edgeville *even tbo*and jar jar comes***

jar jar: meeeeesa jar jar blinx meesa happy to sees youse mmeesa verry drunka oka meea adda a a aaaa......*passes out*

bilbo: *shoots with AK-47*

narrarator:lets play raving rabbids till this is over!

*5 hours later*

narrerator: spider rabbid spider rabb... oh my gosh!! SOMEBODY SHOT ME!!!

*back to story*

jar jar: mee..saaaaa jaaar ja* bilbo kicks him*


*??? has 50,000,000,000,000,000 laser guns*

???: now i will kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!

tbo: *throws rock at ???*

???: my eye OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!

*??? waddles around and trips on corpse of jar jar and falls in a....


stupid pikachu!!!!!!!! ok here real chapter:


Chapter 10: mario & luigi


*??? trips and falls in a sewer pipe*

mario: hey what up with the fallin in my pipa!(pie-pa)

???:????? mario?!?!!? are like a hobo or sumthin

mario: uhhhhhh no

???: well your always crawlin around sewege pipes bustin' bricks open with your head and your always lokking for "coins"

mario:uuhhhh no!!!

pikachu: homicidal pika!!!! *pulls out gernade*

*??? jumps out before explosion*

???: hey? were did they go?

bilbo: why are we in lumby again?

tbo:i dont know

bob: hey its luigi! HI LUIGI!!!!!!!

luigi: welcome to kill-in-the box may i take your order?

bob: ill have a double homiside/murder burger with extra gore plz

luigi: OK!!!

*luigi pulls out 73 gernades and handcuffs bob to him*

bob: i dont like this game

luigi: bye bye have a nice day


*bob comes back from lumby castle*

tbo: hay! ??? foun...

*interupted by bilbo*

bilbo:HAY IS FOR HORSES!!!!!!!

tbo: but i....


tbo:..... ok ??? found us!!!!!!

bilbo: i blame you pikachu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pikachu:?? pika?!?!?!?

* bilbo takes out rocket launcher and shoots pikachu *


end of that chapter.. i dont think this story ever end


chapter 11: t-rex is here finally why is this chapter so long? or chapter title i dont know i was never good at ghrammehhr or spelling. and stttttufffkjf like typinhhhhhhg lets let the narriaattarerr choose the titles for chapters 11


narrarator: who choose that title? pikachu!!!!

pikachu:uhhhhh.... suicidal pika!!!!! *blows up*

narrarator: okkkkk.k....k.... i know... it was EZRA!!!!!!

ezra: what the @$#%??? im in eitheeoopia were i see elephants

narrarator: ok i blame the kool-aid guy he has hooorible puns

kool-aid:oooohhh yea

kool-aid: knock knock

narrarator: whos there?

kool-aid: red

narrerator: red who?

kool-aid: red who or not here i come!!!!

narrerator:............what the......


narrarator: oh i get it... PERVERD!!!!!!!

* shoots with shot gun *

kool-aid: oh nooo- i mean oh yeaaaaaa

narrerator: is that blood or kool-aid?

kool-aid: i dont know, i'll taste it to fin... oooh crap

narrarator: i guess i will call this chapter...


chapter 11: STUPID KOOL-AID GUY!!!!!!!!!!





this is just a mini chapter.it isn't part of the story.


mini chapter:boating


*tbo bilbo and bob are on a boat*

*pikachu runs out on the deck with a grenade*

tbo:homicidal pika!hit the deck!

bob:im hitting it with a sledgehammer but it ain't working


*pikachu runs right in the middle of them*

*the grenade doesn't explode*

tbo:it must be a dud

bilbo:yay we're saved

bob:i finally broke through!

*water pour out of the hole and the ship sinks*

bilbo:good bye cruel world

the end.

*bob wakes up*

bob:that was a cool dream!

tbo:homicidal pika!!



yay! first mini chapter!

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It was extremley similair to the 3 noobs, it was almost like nothing had changed but the names of the people. It was also extremley hard to follow.

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AAAAH IM BLINDED BY THE CRAPPINESS AAAAAAAHHH!!!! lol... ITS CALLED A JOKE PEEPS. anyhoo, This story is totally a ripoff of every other noob story in existence... and theres hundreds of people on sals who think they can write a decent noob story... all but 2 where wrong. the guy who made the ORIGINAL 3 noobs, and the guy who writes angry noob. seriously folks, its been done.

Edited by twisty mcgee

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