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well. first off id like to have this in the correct place, so mods, if this is not where its suppossed to be, move it please.

second, I'd like to have a GOOD shoutbox/chatbox added to the forum.

if there is one i haven't seen it but it would be cool to actually talk with ppl

this might be dumb to some people but it might be cool to others

and so people dont spam it you could have sb mods.

sb mods should have no power on the forums themselves, though.

any mod+ off the forums would have power on the shoutbox, also.


thanks for viewing this

i will add a supporter list (i suppose) if/when i get any supporter XD

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Although I've always liked the Shoutbox idea, it never turns out any good when put into use.


There isn't anything important enough to people that they couldn't say otherwise by posting a topic or PMing someone. Sure you can get a few funny or interesting conversations going, but it won't be any better than the already existing Clan Chat which is already running fine.


I moderate a forum which has a shoutbox, and it's really hard to set up rules and have everyone abide by them. Mostly because there will not always be a moderator online every hour of the day. Luckily the people there are mature enough to stop after a time, but I have no idea what would happen here with a much larger community.I don't know if it's possible to pull shoutbox logs to catch rule breakers, as that's something an admin would probably have to do.


I hope I didn't completely tear your idea apart, I'm just telling by experience. :aware:

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- Custom member titles for forum members/Personal photo: The ability to change your member title and have a personal photo is a privilege for the Tech Team, DMs, Mods, and Admins.

- Member of the Month: Negative (green) warns make this unnecessary.

- Sectional Moderators: The moderating team will make all decisions about whether to add moderators.

- Fake Group, GFX Group, etc.: It's up to the moderating team to discuss whether new groups are needed.

- Removal of certain smilies: Extra smilies do no harm.

- Forum Clan: This would be too difficult to organize and maintain, so Sal's has no official clans.

- Closing own topics in the marketplace: DMs already have this power.

- COPPA [Children's Online Privacy Protection Act]: We have already decided against using COPPA.

- Rants Forum: These threads fit under General RS Discussion.

- Advertising Forums: Anyone can advertise in their signature.

- Love Helpline: This is not a dating forum.

- Shoutbox or IRC Chat.

- Lowering display name change time period.

- Sports forum/topic: This fits under Entertainment.

- Expanding the site into other games.

- Post limits in the 'Scape Lounge.

- Crowns for staff members: To avoid any possible confusion with Jagex staff.

- Guides for game aspects that have yet to be released.

I don't see the need for a chatbox, I mean, come on, this is a forum and you can easily chat with people through posts. If you're looking for a chat, however, and you don't feel like going onto the Sal's Clan Chat in RuneScape, loads of members hang out on the IRC channel #Novus.

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The forums and PM system are available for chat, if you want something i little bit more intergrated you will have to visit an IRC channel that alot of us go on. A lot of people also use AIM/MSN/Yahoo and have their contact information down in their profiles. Oh and as everyone else explained, it is under "Rejected Suggestions".

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