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Forgotten Templars Vs Adelais

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Forgotten Templars vs Adelais




We had Thursday unscheduled, so Caleb contacted Adelais and set up a matched options fight with the following rules:





The Outline

We were surprised to find out that we outpulled Adelais, but we dropped to match, giving us an edge in level advantage.


Starting Opts

Forgotten Templars: 40 people (We dropped to 28)

Adelais: 28 people


Forgotten Templars



Specific attendees:


Thanks to those who dropped.


When we got into the arena, we suddenly find out that Griffin was muted (L). Not knowing how he got his first blackmarks ever on Runescape, he was a bit frustrated and had to communicate with his overhead prayers. Since we dropped, we rushed in and attacked Lucus (Funky). He was expecting it, and took us for a good drag. I believe he was lagging, so we managed to kill him before our pile went down. The war continued as such, with both clans going relatively at the same pace, with us killing a bit earlier. Our snipers did an excellent job restricting Adelais binders, which allowed our members to tank for extended periods of time. Eventually, we widened the gap to the point where it didn't matter who we were piling. When it was 20 vs 9, It didn't seem as though Adelais had any pile, so they attacked random FT members who attacked back and all organization went out the window, making it seem like a huge dm fest.


We had 2 dc's during the fight (Caleb and Justin), ending with 20.


Ending Opts

Forgotten Templars: 20 people (2 dcd)

Adelais: 0




Gf Adel.



NOTE: Lucas from Adelais asked us not to post this on RSC after the fight ended. Caleb agreed, so you wont see this topic on RSC.

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first, wasn't exactly a fun war.. both sides had terrible organization after we killed lucas first and after david was muted and others tried to call piles for him


gj ft, ty for the fight adelais

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Good fight Adelais. Sorry about the posting but some people were having spasms because we beat you and just had to post it somewhere. Figured I could at least keep it off RSC lol.


Anyway, I lost power and Dc'ed at the 21-14 mark. Storm came through :aware: Thanks for the good fight, like always.

Edited by -Caleb-

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Sccrplyar3 lowest level there :aware: Got piled around 25-20ish .. They got off of me because I tanked em and they couldn't find me :) With only 2 half pizza left then died later on after the piled me again o.o Terrible organization though

Edited by SccrlTiffy

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GF Guys, I got muted for 2 days before the war.. Which lead to our horrible organization. lol

It's called Vent o.o




Anyway GF FT, Wasn't there. I got home JUST as we entered the portal :[.

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