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Should we get a ShoutBox/ChatBox?  

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  1. 1. Shoutbox

    • Yes
    • No

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Not sure if this has been made before but I'm new..


I think that a ShoutBox/ChatBox would improve the forum in many ways, as it makes it easier to chat with other members and it also just improves the forum as it makes the first appearance better for new members like myself..


A ShoutBox/ChatBox makes the forum look like it has a stronger community as it shows that our users can get along together by having civil chats in it;]


Post your thoughts..

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We have Sal's CC for that. But it would benifit the few muted members we have.

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  • Member of the Month: Negative (green) warns make this unnecessary.
  • Sectional Moderators: The moderating team will make all decisions about whether to add moderators.
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Sorry, this will not be accepted.

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