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200M-Goals added screenies soon to come


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Well, summer has official begun, and I've decided to set a few goals to achieve before fall :)

From now til September 22nd (Fall equinox) I'll be striving for and hopefully achieving the following in order, keep in mind I'm taking a months break form work in summer, but I won't be no-lifin as much as I would like to probably ;)

The list goes as, and in order:


99 mining-2399 total

99 agility-2400 total

99 smithing

99 thieving

99 woodcutting (Most likely)

80 dungeoneering (Miracles do happen ;))


Hope you all can attend these parties in the future, obviously no dates have been set yet, thanks for support all :rolleyes: :) :)

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What about Step 7 and 8?



Max total


Right? Grats on 91 mining and gl with stuffs


Already passed 2376 tyvm ^_^


Congratulations on 91 Mining; best of luck with all your goals! :o


-gazisere :o




I can't locate 99 Hunter on that list :)


Congrats on 91 Mining nerd, don't give up <333 ;)


99 Hunter...meh


summer goals look like hell :c


have fun with no work and stuff for a month :wizard:


I will, be agilitizing it up :)


Summer Goals = Easy because its summer????


But no. Balkie has to be a Balkie.




Congratz on 91 Mining, Blake. Have fun with the goals over the summer. :)


Colin aka CRS




Congrats on 93 Woodcutting, 1 Smithing, and 91 Mining! Good luck with all those crazy Summer goals O:!


They not crazy, just a little far-fetched :ph34r:





Replies ^



92 mining, as uc. Thanks for replies, and thanks to Lilshu and Trey for mining with me ;)

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