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200M-Goals added screenies soon to come


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what a fool getting tassets


shoulda saved tht for mass stupid


Sorry :)


Congrats on Tassets! I wish I was as lucky as you! :)


Bandos owed it to me :)


Grats on the tassys, your luck should come to me.


200 Solo kills dry is lucky :)


grats on tassets 92+93 smith get arma hilt solo now <3


Noty don't like solo armadyl :)


Gratz on 93 Smithing and Bandos Tassies ^_^

We should gwd sometime :grindteeth:




ya maybe when i'm not busy getting 99's :madsing:


Good luck!







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Congrats on 95 mining blake, keep going soldier! :grindteeth:


Yes sir?


Congrats on 95 Mining Blake! :)


And, in all your screenies your Fishing level is covered, I just wanna know it and not check highscores! :)




Where is it As, where is it :)?


omg i no dat person u scrible nd gz mr blaek


Soz i'm being creative :madsing:




More fun time ^_^

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