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200M-Goals added screenies soon to come


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Congrats on 89 fishing! I may join you if you continue fishing there, because I want xp for all three of the skills it trains. ;)


Noty, rocktails are pro afk :wizard:


your now getting smith xp the lazy mans path, welldone


grats on 89 thieve/fish and 97 smith :ph34r:


Ya ik im lazy, and im poor too ;)


Good luck with 99 Fishing - I really only train that skill while semi-afking, but good luck! ;)



Ya i like to afk



Gratz on 89 Fishing & 89 Thieving & 97 Smithing & 99 Mining nub <3


Little late on the 99 mining but i'll accept :o


Nub Blakie is Nub

Grats on the fishy level


Ty nub Cheezit is nub


Fish Fish <>< <>< <>< Fish Fish


Anyways, Gratz on so many 99s!


So many, i only got 1 in the past 2 weeks :)


Good luck on 99 Film watching Blake :o


Ty one day i will run Hollywood :)



Grats on 89 fishing narbie <3 ;)


ty nubblet <3


why do you suck at updating log?


Why do you suck....owait it's for money ^_^


Nub blake is nub, correct. at 99 you can catch this guy:






I can't wait, i'll hang him up in my house ;)





^ Responses to posts




I hope your all satisfied with my log update this time, no hating please ;). Anyways i've gone on a mini vacation south to Barbados, and will be back next Wednesday. Maybe i'll do some irl fishing down there :)

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haha gratz on 95 wc :unsure: nice santa + rc cape btw ;D


Ty your too kind


BLAKIEE congrats on the fishing levels... wait till you're 95 or so to do rocktails


good luck on the scape :mellow:




Ty sheepman


grats on 90 fishing/95 wc how was barbados


It was good, but I'm glad to be back :/


Come on agility man, get 99 already :huh:


No agility sucks




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