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200M-Goals added screenies soon to come


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grats on 92 fish, come fish with me at monks

nome i stalk him 2 his hous evry dai :huh: he jus don no who i am yet :unsure:


Any idea what the next 99 is Blake? Just wondering.



lol ik you asked blake but if I may save him the exp hed have to waste to answer your question, he's gettin either thief or fish, whichever comes first :mellow: :/

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Nice log name to,v pro. Gl on 99 fishpluckingoutwater


ya get 99 rc before i die pls






Old log name was better :huh:

And you havent gratzed me on my log noob

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Zazzy wants a free e-hug :huh:


Grats on 91 runaround 92 catchthings and 94 stealstuff Blake


*gives e-hug* thanks sooo much :unsure:


Grats on the levels but Im here for that ehug you promised...


*gives e-hug* there you go, keep posting loyal fans





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