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200M-Goals added screenies soon to come


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I'm a fan! :o


Anyways, Grats on 92 Agilitzing and 96 Black stereotypicalness!!!

you bet your a fan!



Nice account you've got there


Gratz on 96 Thieving and goodluck on finishing off those last few 99's (and 120 :wizard: )

ya 120 :ph34r: is right


get 99 dg noob











grats on 92 agil and 96 thieve


i was promised ego boost, i demand it!


your lucky i got so much ego i can give you some *gives max ego* happy?





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Congrats on 93 Agility Blake! Man I hate that skill.



ye me too


pmg grats on 93 agility blakiiie :unsure:

pmg thx


grats on 93 running itl help with your burglary


dont need help im.......





almost done :huh: post for EGO-BOOST!!!

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Omg grats can I have your skills?!!! Plzzzzz :unsure:


Your very good. Bank pic ?



Hurry up and get 99 everything plz

no an more no, i'll take my time


3 Minutes after your post without even talking to you!! I deserve DOUBLE EGO-BOOST!!!!




Oh and grats on 97 Thievery and 91 Dunging... :huh:

ty ty


grats on 97 thieve,91 dung


how big is my ego???

too damn big max





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Congrats on another useless 99!





Nice 99 Thief party. :)

ya was v good


lol at how I'm pming you in like, a lot of your screenies :mellow:


Congrats on the thieving levels and the ability to now change your name :wub:

i hate u pming me


would have been there but wowa was to busy getting 10 99's :L


grats on 99 thieve :/

f wowa


Congratulations on 99 thieving. :unsure:



Congrats on 99 Thieving, Easterndeath! :wub:

ty kemosabe


Grats on 99 useless skill. :huh:


Seems to be a lot of those these days

ya like every skill


black man got 99 theif

ye homie




120 tomoro

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