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Rd Vs Vvv

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I got on and Jimmy was crying at me for a war, though luckily the second I started looking VVV pmed me for a war and we set it up.



-melee + binds

-matched ops +/-1

-classical arena

-center bounds

-VVV attacks

-no pooling

-rings aloud

-w 106

-posting aloud


RD starting: 12 (dropped 14)




VVV starting: 11 people


*they had all 99 def except for like 3*


They did a big mistake by piling first so I managed to tank them very long, though they're sniping was killing our binders so RD had a very hard time downing our 1st pile, but we managed to drop him at the same time. For a while it was kill for kill till RD managed to snipe to death on of their 125's and we took a 2 man advantage. After that we slowly took the lead though at one point it looked like VVV might make a come back, but The Slayer did some amazing sniping and RD did some great tanking and managed to win it with 6 people left. And Blow875 had 0 pray, 0 food, 50 hp at the end. :huh:






I hope to see you at our rematch this saturday VVV.

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First post :-)..... Hey it was a great fight, kill for kill ... At certain points I figured we might win - but honestly you had a 1 man advantage... and our newest member had never warred before and was standing around most the war due to lag so was - 2.... We had alot of good tanking - was one of the first wars in awhile that was flame free- I actualy enjoyed it thanks for the fight RD.. look forward to the rematch on saturday :huh:

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