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Duel Arena Training Partner

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duel training arena is a good place to train ur combat skills fast as f2p.

therefore u need a partner who also wants to get fast exp.

ok here is how it works:

u and me challange each other all the time,

the only rule we make is no movement(so that we start next to each other),

allthough we dont put a rule in the duel there are rules:

no extra armour so only a weapon (and posible strenght ammy).

so if u wanna train with me with only weapons and strengt ammy plz add me ingame.

my ingame name is spongebobgek

i would prefere 80-100 combat lvls (i am 91) because otherwise one of us is not hitting anything due higher defence lvl of the other guy.

so just talk to me through friendchat or through my clanchat.

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itd be a better idea just to pay a guy to fight you and eat food and not attack so... then you can get like 1k xp per fight

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Better option is to 1 item Lumby in a pvp world. Still, if you can just go fleashies with trout, way faster.

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fighting a person in duel arena gives u the advantage of playing without armour and still use prayer like super strengt+att. and therefore u will hit more and higher.

so they give way more exp then fleshies.

and if u go to pvp u still have other people who wanna fight u and those people are prob using good armour and stuf and u wont hit many

that is why i posted here to get friends for duel arena.

because u can reduel fast because u can still click the last challenge after u finished fight so u can run immidiatly to the next fight.

and u dont have annoying people who do use armour.

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Why not just go to the duel arena... Just say, dming! all the time. That means each player uses food, usually always done w/ monk robes. Otherwise, you can get cook and fish exp by fishing trout + salmon. Not that hard, and it'll still give you 500+ exp usually.



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