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Gow Vs Kts

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Godz of Wild vs Kissing the Shadows

This war was pretty hard and we knew we had to stay organize to win. We kept our binds up until the end and thats how we won. We understand that Kts might have some dcs' but it happens. Good fight kts we had fun!!



1. CWA

2. Matched

3. 2 ranger man cap

4. Rings allowed no inf run

5. Central Bounds

6. Melee/binds/range (2) only


Gow Starting




Kts Starting




Us keeping up with KTS










Good job to darkgreen5 for being a hero for this was.

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and damm out leveled, and 1 v 1 at the end must have been suspenseful


Good job keep it up m8's.

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gf although i think we shoulda had this win.


2 dced which were me and zse, both had full food :\


Perhaps a better world next time, grats on your win, was close at the end.

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