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Zoe the hero

Rofl I Love Those Finish The Sentence Things

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lmaooo they get so hilarious




-Zoe wub.png


P.S. this is one that i just replied too and added the last sentence:

There once was a boy named Bill, who loved to talk and usually got in trouble. He didn't have many friends, and the ones he did have were a bit mean to him.


One day, Bill went to the local CVS and found some guys behind the store, he bought this thing from them, and they gave him a lighter.


But then, Bill found a sweet girl that he fell in love with, but he accidentally dropped the lighter and it was burning up the store. So Bill went back into the store and bought another lighter, which he then used to light what he learned was "weed" and smoked it like the men on T.V....


When the police came, they saw a 13 year old boy smoking weed outside of a burning CVS store. Then the police decided to arrest him.


Bill shanked his prison mate "Big Jeff". Now, shanking "Big Jeff" was not Bill's brightest idea. The police then threw Bill into a large room with sponges for walls and floors.


Bill called the guard a noob, which caused the guard to cry He opened the cell door, yelling at Bill to leave, or he would tell on him! So Bill ran home and started playing RuneScape. Bill then got pissed and started acting like the boy in this video.


Bill had just been killed by a goblin.


Bill cried and cried, but nobody seemed to care, so he ran into level 56 Wilderness and jumped into the water so he would drown. Luckily, instead of drowning he found a cheat code which gave him three million party hat sets in the bank.


But he logged off and later came back the next day, to find that he'd been hacked and all he had left was a raw salmon with the POWER of JAS in it.


Bill cried even more, until a noob came up and said "phree st00f p10x?" Bill then started to swear at the noob and was perm muted by a Mod.


So Bill kidnapped the Player Mod and took him to Soviet Russia where the mod was perm muted by Bill.


Jagex then sent an air raid after bill, to give them their mod back.


The search was a failure, poor old bill is still out, trying to find something or another in the wilderness, did I mention he was in a PVP world o_O.


Sadly Bill was not ready to handle the evil... of the thriller wilderness,as he was struck by a baguette and died with a 1 hit k0


Bill was furious!


Bill started to hyperventilate.


Then Bill had a heart attack and had to go to the hospital!


But on the way to the hosptital, the ambulance crashed and everyone inside was killed. Except Bill.


Bill stole a limo and laid in the back as it went on cruise control to the hospital.


When it got to the hospital, the limo exploded and threw Bill skyrocketing into the wall of the hospital.


Bill landed on a hospital bed, but he was in a coma, in the coma was a new world.


In the coma, Bill could see, walk, feel, talk, and he was standing before a huge cave, enveloped in velvety darkness.


Bill entered the cave. In the cave, he found the King Black Dragon.


The KBD was crying because he thought he was fat but Bill reassured him and mentionned that he was just ''horizontally different''.


Then the KBD decided to show Bill his most prized posession


Which was the first shrimp that had been burnt.


Bill says: "Fool! what would I do with that?! You're a noob!"

the KBD puts Bill in cage with 500 rats.

Luckily, Adrian Peterson was in there, and he broke them both out.


Then Bill visited his old prison center and found big jeff. the fun was on!!! (lol)

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Jeff you see, Had full Dharok's, and could kill chickens in 1 hit.




Until one day, Big jeff met the chicken overlord of cleaveland.

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The chicken over lord of cleveland was an impressive level 15, Bill was frightened and somehow melted out of his full dharoks and reappeared two spaces away.

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man zooey u were real different bak in the day


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Stop reading this nate :wub::laughroll: :rofl: :wub::heart: :heart: :beret::ice:


in the course of five years, zoe has turned into dyllie

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