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Appolo's Ode To His Grace

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This is a love poem written by me for my dear sister [not blood sister, sister by ...i dunno oath, vow...friendship]

This is the first poem I have ever written and is dedicated for her alone [ her boyfriend , my best friend, is trying to convince me to give it to my crush. But i am adamant]


I am quite flimsy at romance [due to lack of experience] and this took me 5 hours [is it too much or less]

And this is just a poem, not an Ode. But I called it so just for beauty.

I have taken a bit of poetic license [i dun even know if this word exists] and please ignore them









When the clock struck seven, in the eve,

Through your tears, you spoke to me.

You told me that, me, you have always loved,

And to be with you all my life, I vowed.

But for four months, I knew naught.

Nothing of your love even as we fought.

But eventually the sands of time,

Hit it into me, by a holy rhyme,

Like a sword through the neck, a spear through the heart,

It was burned into me, the beauty thou art.

Every time I hear your elegant voice,

It’s like the angel’s harp making a beautiful noise,

Far more beautiful than the rustling leaves as the wind blows by

And even the raindrops from the clouds in the sky.

As I stare into your eyes, they are like gemstones,

It’s as if in this world, we are to ourselves; we are alone.

Your face glistens like burnished brass

And you even place the sun off its class.

Your visage shines like the evening star

As the first ray of the moon falls from far.

Whenever I see your ruby red lips curve to a smile,

Time would stop everything- my breath, my heart- for a while.

The hair, black like the glossy feathers of a raven,

Falls down your back, like a falling torren’.

A brief touch by your fair skin,

Makes me leap around making merry din.

That day into my heart is burned,

When our lips brushed the other- ‘Once more’ I yearned.

Our love is not a river, nor a rose,

Nor is it a flame that cannot be froze,

Neither is it a breeze from Uriel’s wing,

For, like in a mountain, it is a spring.

Our love seeps through the cracks of strife

And provides an elixir, everlasting, to our life.

Like a spring, warmed by the heat from the core,

Our passion enflames our love, than ever before.

Your very existence is my pleasure.

You make me happy, beyond all measure.

Without you in my life, even for a day.

My judgment on myself would be to take my life away.

Every time I see you, lust is not my fantasy,

But to make love and to join you in ecstasy.

Your beauty is all that engulfs my mind.

Any other thoughts, good or evil, are hard to find.

Even if we were separated by unconquerable mountains,

Impassable gulfs, infallible valleys, if God ordain's,

My love for you would break through them all,

Without hesitation or fear of fall.

Heaven is not in the sky, or in the middle of the sea

And it can never be found within the earth, like a mystery.

But I truly am sure, that it is not far.

For I find it wherever you are.

As the saying goes, Love makes, on this earth, my haven.

Without it, the paradise above, would never be heaven.

You divide your grieves and darkness

And multiply all the light and happiness.

I am always there to take your burden,

And cast it away, like a demon from a human.

My greatest wish in life, even more than our union

Or even more than seeing our little one in Holy Communion

Would be to be there with you as you lay,

To leave this worldly existence on your death day,

And to accompany you on your journey,

To die with you and enter purgatory.

Even as we die- but do not fear, be brave-

And as we are laid down, upon our grave,

Roses on the mound would sprout by our love

And entwine into eternity and infinity, above.

If you were sent to heaven and me to hell.

For some unholy reason, we were forced to dwell,

I would cast aside the chains that bind me

And break through the walls and face even he,

The morning star, the king of hell, Satan

If it would mean that I could see you in heaven.


My love, do not consider this flattery.

This is my heart opened, my own story.

If needed, I would accept my fate or fight my destiny,

For you, my Grace, is everything that means to me




And Merry Christmas! >.<

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I don't want this to be a one word post so just never mind this sentence. The following is my comment;



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