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Penguin Hide And Seek

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Cake, I don't believe I used anything by you. I figured out on my own about the Penguin Points via the Knowledge Base. Although, I guess there will be an argument. I'll add you. I do appreciate it though. :blink:

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For your optional content, there are 2 major clan chats: Riods2525 which you mentioned, and penguins w60.


As of this week, Riods2525 is no longer a public channel. I tried to use it yesterday & got a message that I didn't have "high enough rank". Guess the original members got tired of the noobiness.


2. chipping in and helping the various penguin chats by being a penguin spotter and holder for a little while helps to pay back all the free penguin help you get. Make the helping time useful by hi-alching while watching/guarding the penguin.

3. If the penguin is trapped in a location, don't be inconsiderate and let it free by leaving the door open or something like that.

4. Saying a simple thanks for the spotters never hurts.


Heartily seconded, and will add that hunters should not "walk through" people holding the penguins trapped, as it may release them.

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Fremennik Isles



Is correct spelling xP


Comes from:


It's best just to go about your day normally finding them as you go along, but some choose to go out to find them. There's Clan Chats that search for them. But if you do want to look for them they are normally found in:


* Dragontooth Island or Mos Le Harmless

* The Kharidian Desert or The Wilderness

* Seer's Village

* Draynor Manor

* Lumbridge or Falador

* Ardougne

* Castle Wars or Yanille

* Morytania

* Ape Atoll

* Neitiznot and Jatizso

* Tree Gnome Stronghold

* Fermmnick Isles



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