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Runescape Dinasty Defeats The Titans

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RuneScape Dinasty Vs The Titans


Earlier in the week, The Titans asked us for a F2p PKRI. We arranged the following;



* Spiders-Gds

* All Styles

* 3 Hour time cap


RSD Starting: 246

TT Starting: 201




The fight started with RSD defending at East Tree. Both piles were fairly strong, but our initial options advantage gave us an edge. Our snipers started to take effect and we started to hit TT hard. The Titans were forced to regroup, and from that point it was always going to be an uphill struggle for them.


The Titans managed to make some successful piles, but periodically they would be forced into more regroups. RSD's pile remained strong, and at no point did we feel this was threatened.


RSD Ending: 258

TT Ending: 240




Thanks to Syndicate, Eternal Honour and Corruption for ACing.


Thanks for the fight The Titans.


I couldn't be there because I was dragged to a party. RSD performed amazingly :wub: Great Job :wub:

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Was a great fight, our turnout was awesome. Thanks for the fight TT, always fun to fight you guys.

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Great job today RuneScape Dinasty. We performed magnificently.

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