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Drop Potential: How To Get It And How To Use It.

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Good spots for....

Mining would either be the Lunar Isle Essence Mines (if you can summon Abysal Titans) or the Coal Trucks West of McGrubbor's Woods, for Farming you would use Imps in a Box or a Pak Yak and it's Scroll to transport crop notes to the bank, for firemaking, you could chop the Cursed Willow Roots inside the Spirit Realm and burn them in bunches at the nearby firepits. (unsure if it counts as unsafe yet no players can see you) Thieving can be done easally upstairs inside Ardougne Castle, there you can pickpocket the paladins and for a quick escape, picklock and check the chest nearby for traps you should get teleported somewhere near Witchaven.


Thanks Plucky, added everything. :eyebrows:

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