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The Faking Tippery

Like the Pixel Tippery, the faking tippery is here to give out tips and advice on faking. Ask a question...get an answer. Need some links to find some faking kits or guides? Look down! All in all, since the fake guides by me have been outdated due to graphical interface updates, I've decided to change this into a tippery.



-Kev-'s Animation Guide - This guide by Kev teaches the basics of editing with the chatbox and animation

Beret's Fake Guide - This is the first guide for faking on Sals. As of now it is outdated but I'm sure you'll be able to apply the guide to your own needs.

- This is a video tutorial by me on how to download fonts in general... rememer on photoshop never use the anti-alias when typing text

Group Faking Kit - A kit composed by Sal's Fakers, very useful

Blank Interface - Thanks to legendary blu noforuu


Q: What should I save the fake as?
A: Always save a stillframe as a .png and an animation as a .gif

Q: Why is my text blurry on Paint?
A: As of recently Paint has been blurring up images, if I were you try GraphicsGale.

Fake Guides

For many Fakes you will need the kit and RuneScape text

One of the many Fake Kits - Den 45's Kit (Outdated) - Beret's Fake Kit (UPDATED - Nov. 10.2006)

The RuneScape Text - The "official" RuneScape font - CRDITS: MaxTheDragon

KEY - GREEN = Completed. RED = Uncompleted. BLUE = Currently working on

[1.0] How to get the RuneScape font
[2.0] How to make Chatbox Fakes
[3.0] How to make RS Font speech fakes
[4.0] How to make Stat Fakes - By Just Somebody; Thanks mate :P
[5.0] How to make 'nother game fake
[6.0] How to make NEW quest fake
[7.0] How to make the "Walk Here and Examine box" fake


How to Use and Download the RuneScape Font

Written by: Beret

The RuneScape font is a RuneScape Faker's best friend. I personally didn't learn about it until i finished my Bestiary Skill idea. But its from Dafont.com.

1. If you want a preview of what it looks like look here but if you want to download it click here. But it's only for PC (Windows), Mac and, OS X users.

2. A screen pops up saying if you would like you SAVE or OPEN it click save and save it to your documents.

3. Next click the download button again and this time OPEN it. It should take to a WINRAR window. EXTRACT all the files that are TRUEFONT to your documents.

4. Now go to your controll Panal > Fonts > Instal New Font

5. Now look for documents under your USERNAME's documents.

6. Click on all the fonts you wish to add, and click SELECT. CONGRATULATIONS! You have succesfully downloaded the RuneScape font!


LENGTH - 00:54


How to make chatbox fakes

Written By: Beret


  • Always make sure to remember to cover up all of the red line when dragging or pasting your text onto the chatbox.
  • When pasting your chatbox to your fake always look at the white text on your buttons, if they look normal then you've pasted it correctly. If they look weird or misshapen then press Ctrl+Z & try again!
  • Always make sure you use the correct color & keep the correct spacing
  • Also on the last line (The one that's by default (YOUR USER NAME): * Make sure the star is always blue and always there! Even if you type something it'll be on the end
  • Enjoy! :)

Example chatbox: (I know some sentences aren't capitalized, I didn't feel the need because it was all one speech. And I was just lazy ;))

The "how to make a chabox fake video" video

If you need a video please get out, this kit is very easy to learn. It's 99% common sense.


How to make RS Font Speeches

Written by: Beret

First of all you'll need the RuneScape offical font, MS paint and thats it,

Get a picture of anything you like.

Now OPEN that picture up in paint and whip out your RuneScape font and make it BOLD

Type out what you wish for your character to say overtop in BLACK and BOLDED.

After thats done COPY what you said, Paint it yellow and Paste over the text like so:

When ALL that is done. Put it anywhere you like. Your final product should look like this:


How to make stat fakes

Written by: Just Somebody

Edited by: Beret


It's almost the same as Beret's except this time, the directions are as follows:
1. Choose what levels you'll need for what skills. Pick out all the digits you need from the yellow numbers.
2. Copy the 1-digit spacer and/or 2-digit spacer as many times as you need to. Like so:
3. Fill in the boxes on the spacers. On the 2-digit spacer, make sure there is one pixel between the two numbers, even if the border of the box on the right side must be taken out
4. Take a completed "stencil," and if you need it for more than one skill, copy it. Now, carefully move it and overlap it onto the respective skill, matching it by border and by the slash, so that you don't place it wrongly. Repeat for all the skills.
5. Now for the total level. Currently, the max total level is 2178, and the minimum total level is 22. First, put your number together. Use the numbers labelled "for total level," copy digits if you need to, and then starting with the ones place, place them on a white area. Now, after the first digit, select your second digit, the tens place, and allow 2 pixels space between the digits. Repeat for a third and fourth digit if necessary.
6. Congrats! Your stat fake is done!


How to make 'nother game fake

Written by: Beret

First you will need a special picture like this one...

Which will turn into something like this by the end of this guide...

First thing's first you get the picture. Find a subtle picture and re-size it to 511 x 334 and put it in the middle. So it'll look this this...

Next thing is the chatbox. Use my guide from the chatbox guide to make one and your end product should look like this...

Now for the uper-right hand corner. It should say if its a shooter game something like "Fire weapon/2 other options". It'll look like this.

Now for the inventory! Pick any items you want that go along with the game's theme or make up your own. Just remember if you make your own to add a black outline and a shadow on the bottom and right half. The fake should like this now...

Awww....That last and final part....the mini-map. For the base color (that is right now black should be colored from the color of the ground. In this case it will be re-colored brown.) Try and make it subtle to the minimap so it look like the real thing. Here's a little key.

And the end product should look like this *DRUMROLL*...

-How to make "A 'nother game fake" Video

The video {WMV}-{Windows Media Player}

Lenth: 2 minutes
Size: 17.70 MB


How to make quest fakes

Written by: Beret

Firstly, you'll need a special kit which i happen to have (why wouldn't I? )

Here's a basic layput of how you will make the this speical fake

And by the end of this fake you will know to make a fake like so:

Well first you have figuere out what type of "fake" quest you're gonna do, so lets make my green beert quest, because im too lazy to make an ew one ;). First thing we do is make the scroll. Which is this.

The basic layout is that for the picture it can;t go over 200 by 130 i think. and the font color will always be that dark green for the rewards and quest name. Also you should fins a nice background. Here's a little layout,
For the quest name fill it out with the runescape font and dont go under the red line.
For the rewards dont go past the red line. Make sure the rewards are lined up with the "You are awarded..."

So the finished product should look like so:

Now for the chatbox. Use the guide from above to learn on how to do this. But what you want it to look like is the bottom line should awalways say "Congratulations, you have completed the quest!". By the time your finished the chabox should look like this:

Now for the iventory. First you'll wanto get all the items from the quest. Be sure to make them look lilke runescap and they can't go over the red lines.Also be sure to add the black outline and shadow

Black Outline & Black Shadow

The inventory will look something like this:

Minimap time! Eaither keep the one you have now or make it intresting! I made speical one ofr this mission

Now you should be done with your fake.....here it is!

How to make "quest fakes" video

Directed by: Beret



How to make "Walk Here & Examine" Box (loot box also)

Written by: Beret

First things first is the kit.

The whole thing is really simple actully. First you must writo out in black and bold what you want to say in the box

  • If it's a loot boox make sure you type...

Pick up (item 1)
Pick up (item 2)
Walk here
Examine (item 1)
Examine (item 2)

  • If it's for attacking a player make sure you type...

Walk here (player 1) (player lvl)
Attack (player 1) (player lvl)
Follow (player 1) (player lvl)
Trade (player 1) (player lvl)
Walk here (player 2) (player lvl)
Attack (player 2) (player lvl)
Follow (player 2) (player lvl)
Trade (player 2) (player lvl)

  • If it's for the inventory menu make sure you type...

Wield (item) [only if it's a weapon]
Use (item)
Drop (item)
Examine (item)

Basically every action is colored white (unless for Attacking other players, everything but the levels are white). The name's are always yellow and items are allwyas orange.

Alwyas make sure there's 2 pixels free from the top and left side and 3 pixels free from the right and bottom side.

[3] Line space
The pixel space between each line is 8. Remember that!

Now for the top. Make sure you even it all out!

How to make "Walk Here & Examine" Box video

Directed by: ------


Edited by Beret

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Thanks. Im still writting more. and i swear i wont post pr0n quintiple post :P

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Wow! Beret That spacing thing for the text box and the skills thing made my skill fakes and chat boxes look 1 million times better and I thought they where good before. Nice guilds keep em' up!


~Ak-gla-49 :P

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NEW GUIDE! i added the 'nother game guide! hope you like it. :P

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Wow, amazing! Im still too lazy to make fakes, I had no idea it was that much work!



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I think i should also add that when writting with the runescape text to make sure the box is transparent :P

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those are ideas are way smarter than mine. This IS the best fake making guide in the world. 10/10 :P

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I don't think there is one single faker out there that can beat you. And you are still kind enough to share your secrets with everyone. You are a great person. Congrats on the guide.

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Okay guys! i added a new guide! 2 more to go till im done! :P

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Thanks. I got at least 3 more to make until i am finished. Im working on the "New level" one now.

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A hard suggestion: Make types of items transparent so we can use them. Ex. Platebodies, longbows, shortbows, etc .


Would help. Other than that, seems very good. :cool:

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iVile, if you tell me how to do it, ill have a shot...


Beret, absolutely OWNING guide!

Edited by xitpilke

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When making a fake, you should be able to make customizable items from RuneScape. therefore, you can take any item from the game, for example a rune platebody, and color it white. Then, you would have to label which shade goes into which section.

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Beret, id be glad to help out if you wanted me to..


EDIT: beret3tn.jpg


:cool: I suppose its pretty poor, but use it if you want, banners arnt my strong point.




Take * out of [img*]

Edited by xitpilke

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