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'bird's-eye' Jack

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Name: 'Bird's-Eye' Jack
Picture: birdseyejack.png
City/Major Location: Aboard the Lady Zay/Lunar Isle.
Specific Location: Second floor of the Lady Zay/In the bank on Lunar Isle.
Quest?: Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor.
Members-Only?: Yes.
Specific Info: He is a navigator aboard the Lady Zay. During and after the Dream Mentor Quest, he becomes a banker on Lunar Isle. If you use him as banker, you do not need the use of a Seal of Passage.
Examine Info: A pirate that can navigate better than a bird./A pirate-banker. You don't see one of those every day!
Contributors: Rivel
Edited by Warrior Zynk

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Do you have any information on the specific location on lunar isle?


Thanks a lot! This looks complete. :wub: Accepted.

Edited by heb0

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