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If they do legalise it, they should keep it private (your own homes), or maybe special places as "Marijuana Bars". TBH I don't want somebody smoking it in front of me :eyebrows:.


To be honest people probably smoke it in front of you daily.

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Whether or not it's legal, drug education needs to be totally revamped. As a kid I thought smoking marijuana was essentially the same as injecting heroin in terms of damaging your life and your future. We can't lie to kids and expect them to take us seriously later on.


Because we're taught that alcohol = marijuana = cocaine = heroin, kids eventually find out that alcohol and marijuana are not that dangerous, and then they think that they can get away with drugs that will ruin your life.

Very well put. I agree totally. The strategy to keep kids away from drugs shouldn't be to scare them out of their minds or to turn them self-righteous about it. It should be presented honestly, because that's the only way that they can decide for themselves, for real, if they want to do it it.

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