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Omg New Runescape Armor! Bronze (g)!

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Lets start with the bad and finsih with the good ;-...


Bad :

  • Helmet , just everything about the helmet
  • The gold on the shield should be sharper
  • there's not gold on the platelegs
  • the scimi's colour and outline are a bit off

Good :


  • I like the idea, even tho its been done before
  • I think it looks good anyway, if you ignore the head :(
  • I like it in HD
  • First fake
  • Used Paint

Overall : 7/10, i think it's a good effort, and for a first time. It's definately not perfect, but it's great for a first ;) :eyebrows:



Well Done :ice:


~ Wolf

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I'm sorry, but even for a first this is a 0/10. You saved it as a low quality .JPG (you can save as a .JPG, but it has to be high quality, something you can only do in like GIMP, and Photoshop). And the recoloring is crap. Just desaturate the edges of the stuff with the sponge tool, make a new layer and paint, then set the layer to overlay. That all you have to do. :eyebrows:




Its a hard fake to try first time, its good enough that he used paint.

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