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Renault Plant, Worker Sit In

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BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT, France (AFP)--French workers Thursday renewed a threat to blow up their bankrupt car parts factory after failing to win a pay-off from the carmaker Renault SA (RNO.FR), a key former client.

Dozens of workers have been occupying the plant in western Chatellerault since their employer New Fabris was declared bankrupt June 16.

They are threatening to blow up a string of gas canisters July 31 unless Renault and Peugeot SA (UG.FR) - who accounted for 90% of its business - pay EUR30,000 to each of the 366 laid-off workers.

Officials says they are bluffing with depressurized gas bottles.

Link to full article -->Link


Could be a bluff, but I know natural gas in canisters are used in lots of homes in France. Complete solidarity.


Anyway, Renault gave deals to all of its other workers it laid off, 2 years pay. I hope they end up getting the same deal.

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Hopefully this makes sense, cuz i'm slightly drunk. Anyway:


Anyway, I can understand that they'd be pissed seeing as all the other laid off workers were given that deal. But threatening to blow up a factory is a little drastic. =/


Plus in order to pay off all those workers Renault would have to cough up over 10 million dollars. That's quite abit of money.



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U can never achieve anything from acts of violence such as this. Nothing should await them in my mind but justice..

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