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Guest xdreamnite8x

Need Clan!

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Guest xdreamnite8x

Okay, I'm 116/123 in runescape

user: Asianchiq08



Attack: 92

Strength: 99

Defence: 86

Hitpoints: 99

Range: 75

Mage: 76


Those are some of my stats, if u need more, u can look me up ;D


I'm just looking for a clan that is fun with a friendly environment, and shouldnt be too strict but not too laid back either! Any clans available? O_o

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Divine Heroes was created on July 15, 2009. With the sole purpose of achieving high standards in both warring and pking. A lot has been put into Divine Heroes to make sure this goal is achieved. Unlike other clans, we look for not the strongest, but for the most determined, and divine. We may look like most clans, but we have started big, and will remain big. If you are looking for a great clan that is both friendly and fierce, then your search is over.




Here at Divine Heroes we have a set of requirements that we feel separates you from the rest. Our requirements not only consists of levels, but by what you have achieved, and what you are willing to continue to achieve.


RuneScape Requirements

90+ Combat

65+ Defense

43+ Prayer


Chat Requirements

You must have access to IRC

You must be in our clan chat whenever you are online




Divine Heroes is a F2P and P2P clan. Which means that other than warring and pking, we will relax and do some other "fun" events. Some of these events may be:

Castle Wars

Duel Arena

GWD Trips

Drop Parties

Kalphite Queen Trips

and much, much more...




You right now must have decided if we are the clan for you. We know we wont satisfy everyone's "clan needs" but if you are one of our divine heroes you know you are destined to be here. So how do you join? Simple. Go to http://s3.invisionfree.com/Divine_Heroes/index.php and read more information under "Information". If you are convinced and ready to continue to strive with us, then register. And post an application. And wait to be accepted.


Divine Heroes Details

• F2P and P2P Clan

• Eastern Based Clan

• Majors in Warring and Pking

• Communicates through IRC

• Has a variety of events for both F2P and P2P members

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Join the clan adamakkach coming to the wilderness


This clan is for members and mainly free players

This clan is for RevHunt and ClanWars


Main world:141

Bases in widy:Alter, Fishies, BanditCamp, Clan wars

Meeting spot not in widy: Grand Ex

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Heya Dreamnite, I'm representing the bestest clan, that I so happen to be in ;)


Bloodshed Empire, and yes, it is ftw! This clan is not one of those clans that is known by everybody, but we still know how to get our name out!


All I ask of you Dreamnite, is to just stop by our forums and check them out. See for yourself what you think about us :eyebrows: Or if you prefer, IRC is good too! www.rs-bse.com is our website, and #bse is our IRC.




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Clan Chat: Cannae_Clan

IRC: #Cannae_Clan



Cannae was establised roughly two years ago but things didn\'t turn out as planned.

Now on Thursday 25th of June 2009 we are coming back.


A question that you are likely to be asking:

What is a \"Cannae\"?

Cannae is a byword for \"Military Success\"


Let me continue, Cannae clan is both a free-to-play and members clan and the requirements are at least level 70 combat or level 80 in Mage or Range.

Cannae also welcomes skillers with 800+ total level in f2p levels to join our OCNET unit (Official Canane Non-Combat Events Team).




Dedication - for anything you do, not particularly in Runescape only

Responsibility - to be responsible in your actions,

Respect - not only respect for those above you, but those around you




there are 3 units in the clan: Light warrior, Heavy Warrior and archer-mages


Light Warriors are lightly-armored and carry few equipment, their role is mainly to defend/ \"pin\" the enemy.

Heavy Warriors are heavily-armored troops who carry more equipment and their role is to attack. They require to be at least level 100.

Archer-Mages are archers and/or mages (duh) they can be either one of those, or both. Their role is to reinforce the warriors. they require to have a ranged OR magic level of at least 70 (depends on which one they wish to specialize in).




(Ranks are not unit types)

Note: in the application form, do not fill in the preferred unit type with one of the ranks


Clan Leader: In charge of all administrative and military events/ issues (Current leader: Zeppelinl)

Vice-Leader: Third-in charge of military and second- in change of administrative issues. When the clan leader retires, they(Vice-Leader) becomes the clan leader. (Current Vice: Wayne 1231)

Warlord: Second-in-charge of military issues like battles, diplomacy ...etc (current Warlord:Ibebigi).

Council: The Council are in charge of moderating the forums. They will also make decisions on things such as promotions once the leader and Vice leader agree (Current Council Krypt__Miner, Pure 2 711, Dkb13).




General: Usually leader or warlord. They will be in charge of giving the clan orders during wars. If no leader of warlord is present the war will be led by the highest rank present.

Note: We don\'t just let anyone be a General, Vice-Leader, Warlor or any other rank. They require to pass a test before becoming one. (I won\'t reveal too much on the test )

Sergent: This will be the leader/Warlord who isn\'t the general. They make sure that everyone is doing their job in the war. There is a maximum of three Sargents in a war.




General = Leader

Captain = Vice-Leader

Lieutenant = Warlord/Council/Event Manager

Sergent = Member active over several months/Veteran member

Corporal = Clan member

Recruit = Yet to attend an event




Every warrior (light/heavy) MUST wear full rune (or god armors) with no exceptions. The weapon used is the players choice as long as its rune, but I would recommend a scimi or Battle axe.

Mages should wear the best robes available to them (there aren\'t much choices for f2p so take your pick ^^) with an anti-dragon shield.

Archers must wear full d\'hide.

Every member is required to wear a blue cape during wars (with the excapetion of those with skillcapes)




- Raids

on places such as the Strongholds, Wilderness Volcano ect.


-Revenant Hunting

the wild is for players not npcs.


- KBD and other various monster hunting

to keep our p2p members satisfied we will be hosting several p2p events such as monster hunting.


-clan wars/ bounty hunter/ PvP

self explanatory.


-Mass Skill events

we just all go to the same region skilling together.


-Find me

hide and seek with prizes. :eyebrows:


there would be more details on the events that we do when it happens

(unfortunately, we do not have any screenshots or videos of events currently)




There are 4 levels of punishments which are stated in brackets at the end of each rule, unofficial, Light, Medium and Banning, Unofficial is where you are warned about your action. Light is will result in negatve rep. Medium is a demotion and/or suspension. Banning is self-explanatory


1. These rules are to be obeyed on the forums and in game, unless specified.

2. Never beg for a rank, you will by assigned to a rank by your merits, if found you capable, the clan leader will try to assign you to that role. (1st offence unofficial 2nd offence light)

3. Do not insult/ flame/ use a racial remark on other clan members. (Light, if the problem persists the punishment will be greater.)

4. Try to be as active as possible (by posting in the forum at least once per week or weekly events) (Unofficial)

5. Regarding to Rule number 4, if you do not post for 3 weeks, you will be labeled as inactive, if you do not post for 3 months, you would be deleted (light)

6. Multi-Clanning is strictly prohibited (Warning, Banning)

7. Please do not criticize clan policy unless you can provide a better suggestion/alternative (unofficial)

8. Do not advertise another clan here. (Banning)

9. If you decide to quit, you may still remain a member of our forums, but please do not Flame our members (Warning,if problems persist it will result in a banning)

10. It is encouraged to help the clan members with their problems. Do not let them down in anyway. (Unofficial, Light)

11. Do not post that is considered obscene, disturbing, frightening, offensive or vulgar (light, if problempersists medium)


To join simply fill in an application on our forum -> http://thecannaeclan.co.cc


Thank you for taking your time to read ^^

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Everlasting Pride, Everlasting Rapport, Everlasting Fortitude, Everlasting Souls


The Everlasting Souls (ES or ELS) are a new clan, made by Mudball99 on July 20th, 2009 after the breakup of a earlier clan, Mafia Inc. We have a tightly-woven, smaller group of members who dedicate themselves to the clan. We are together for the sole purpose of having fun with other members, whether that means Warring, Skilling, or anything in between. As a smaller clan, you will always be heard, and never ignored, which is something many clans cannot offer, meaning the member's have much input on what goes on in the clan. We encourage you to come help us grow.




CLAN CHAT - Els_Chat





To join the Everlasting Souls, you need a few requirements, including


87+ Combat

60+ Defense

43+ Prayer (50+ Is Recommended, But Not Required)

At Least 1 Set of Full Rune Available at All Times (Not Lended)





At Everlasting Souls, we host a variety of events, a few listed here.


~Clan Wars

~Boss Hunting (Including GWD)

~Duel Arena

~FunOrb Events

~All-Day Skilling Events

~Skill Parties

~Burthrope Games Room

~Monster Killing Events (Such as Dragons)

~And TONS More


Members are even encouraged to host their own events!




One more reason to join ELS is that we can be short on staff, leaving you a better possibility of getting an honored position in the clan.




















~Billyboy1135 (Possibly OPEN)






To join, just go to our forums (link also at the top of the page) and find the button that should be on the top-left hand corner of your page, and select register. Fill out the information, then log in with it. Once you have logged in, scroll down to 'Member Applications', and find the thread with the Application Form in it. Copy this, and start a new thread by clicking the "New Topic" button. From then just fill it out and wait to be accepted or here what you have to do to be accepted! Its as easy as that!


Help us grow! =)

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Hi there asianchiq08,



History of Divine Eternity


Divine Eternity was originally created in late august when 2 people Dragons604 and momvsdad867 became tired of clan warring by themselves. They thought of making a clan that would be huge and active. They first named it Pk Legendz but people only joined because they thought we were a pking team(which we will be but in the near future) :wizard:. Then They changed the name to Divine Eternity thinking it was a better name. This clan is very successful and hope that it will achieve to be one of the top F2p clans in rs


Our Runehead: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=pk_legendz





At Divine Eternity, we do have a few requirements. These completely listed are here.


~80+ Combat(soon to be 85+)

~43+ Prayer

~60+ Defence

~Binds for war (druidic robes or runecrafting robes)

~1 Set of Full Rune






We do have many events in Divine Eternity such as


~Clan Wars

~All Day Skilling Events

~Drop Parties

~Monster 'Massacres'

~And much MUCH more.

~And Some p2p Events


Members can even host their own events!


How To Join


Okay, so you have settled you want to join. How? Well first make sure you meant our requirements above.


Once you do so, you can go to our site At http://s1.zetaboards.com/Divine_Eternity/index/ and register. To register, click on the button which says 'register' at the top of the page. Please register with your username the same as your runescape name, and your password something different than your runescape password.


Once you have registered, find our application forum. Click on this, Copy and paste an application and wait for a application manager or leader to respond :box:.


You would then be a Divine Eternity member!


Hope you join us

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