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King of Khairo

F2p Ranged Training


So recently my membership ran out and I am a freeplayer once more. I was wondering where I should train out of these 4 spots I picked.


Spot #1: Ankous in the Stronghold of Security.

Pros: Most likely empty/Semi-good drops

Cons: Since i'm probably gonna be the only one there, i'll probably get lonely ^_^


Spot #2: Cockroach Soldiers in the Stronghold of Player Safety.

Pros: Good drops, not that crowded sometimes

Cons: They rip through my 58 defence quite easily :eyebrows:


Spot #3: Lesser Demons in the Karamja Volcano.

Pros: Good training spot/Okay drops

Cons: Very crowded at times and makes training real slow


Spot #4 Greater Demons in the Old Bounty Hunter Volcano.

Pros: Good training from what I've heard.

Cons: A revenant is able to come and loiter around there for sometime (maybe?)


So which spot out of those 4 would be good to train at? If you have any better spot than these, tell me about it and I might consider it.


Additional Info.

Ranged level is 85.

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Spot 1: No way. The ankou chamber has no sufficiently good spots to stand and range without getting attacked.


Spot 2: Again, there aren't really any good places to stand where you won't get attacked in the cockroach area.


Spot 3: You make a point saying it would be crowded, however this is the best spot on your list. Try picking the lowest lootshare non members world.


Spot 4: never go into the wild to train unless you are 100% not afraid of Revenants.


I have no suggestions myself that wouldn't be bad so out of the 3 you have I would go with 3.







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I say the Lesser demons in Karajama volcano. Thats where I always go to train, and there are places to stand without ever having to move since there are a good number of lessers. But if you don't have all the peices of the skull sceptre you should try the Ankou to get them all.

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