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Another very productive few days. Finally bought yak - something I've been meaning to get for a while. Also got up to 93 thieving, so only Mining/Smithing effigies are unable to be done. In the last 24 hours I decided to rush 99 Dungeoneering, and I got that here today, which is fun - 99 #11. Now, I'm waiting for Prif to be released to see how the Crystal mining thing is, and I might use that for 95 mining for the last effigy. In the meantime (and after I finish that), I'm going to be ranging WFS to 99 Ranged, and then I'll be hopefully getting 99 Summoning, thus maxing all combat skills.













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How do you rush levels 97, 98, and 99? Don't you need more than 1m exp to do that?


Around 3m exp actually. It was just a lot of dungeoneering in a short span of time.


Speaking of a lot of skilling in a short period of time, I got both 99 Ranged and 99 Summoning over the past few days, making now have max all combat skills. Not sure what I want to go for now, but expect the next few updates a variety of different random skill levels and I figure out what I want to go for 99 in next. In general, I think I'm leaning toward 99 Thieving (Dwarf Traders are godly) or 99 Fishing (nice and low intensity at barbarian fishing). I am going to need to spend some time making money though, because also pretty soon here I want to get to 99 Herblore.











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Geez double 99s and no posts. Oh well.


Well I've decided my next long-term goal is the gatherer cape, since it looks pretty. The only ones I really expect to be a problem will be Divination (which will test my sanity) and Farming (although I'm being better about doing tree/herb runs every day, and putting all BXP and JoT exp into it). I've made a little bit of progress here, but nothing too big. Once Prif comes out, expect a lot more focus on Mining for a bit, because I want that as my next 99.







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