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The Log Lacking Pies || New Name 'Toufer' || REVAMPED LOG


Help me decide my first big goal!  

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  1. 1. What should be my first HUGE Old School goal?

    • Quest Cape!
    • 85 Slayer
    • 91 Runecrafting
    • 99 Hunter
    • 99 Thieving
    • 99 Woodcutting

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'Or Eat Pies' Old School Log Lacking Pies

I am in need of a banner, so if you are good at such things and interested in making one please let me know!



~~~Table of Contents~~~

01. Introduction

02. What's Current

03. My Goals

04. Questing!

05. Combat and Slayer




01. Introduction


Welcome one and all, fellow 'Scapers and Slammers, to my humble log no longer involving too many Pies. This is the boring part where I talk a little about myself and my Runescape self for all those interested. For all those not interested, I would like to direct you to the "What's Current" section of my log. A lot of you reading this log probably joined this forum after I went inactive (which happened a lot in my career, but for our purposes here I mean the final time when I went inactive for four years) and have absolutely no idea who I am. Also, a lot of you probably did use the forum but still didn't know who I was because I mostly never left this sub-forum. :P But hopefully as I come back to the world of Runescape and Sal's Forum's I will see at least a few familiar faces.


If you don't care to find out who's being the computer screen on this end then don't read this section. My real name is Nathan, or Nate, I'm okay with indulging that bit of information because my username on Sal's was actually 'Nate' for a very long time. I attend school full time currently at a university but I live at home with my parents and commute to class/take online classes. So I get to miss out on all the fun parts of college, but we do those anyway our own way. :cheers: I also work two jobs while going to school, 40 hours a week combined, and still somehow barely have money. Aside from all that fun stuff, and this game, I also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities; longboarding, skateboarding, I'm going to start freeboarding, disc golfing, golfing, camping, hiking, road trips, and I plan on running a Tough Mudder this summer. I also love reading, but not when it's for class. I am set to leave halfway through this summer for Air Force Basic Military Training, I'm going in for Security Forces, and I really hope to see the world.


My Runescape career started when I was pretty young. I began playing in 2005, I believe, on an account no longer ranked on the hi-scores (in fact, none of my old accounts are now, can anybody tell me why this is?) named either Armyboy_1818 or Armydude_1818. I played on this account for a while, noobing out and getting the feel for the game. I made several accounts while playing on this one that I never really got into. But probably around 2007 and 2008 I started really getting into pures. I made so many I can't even remember the names of all of them, sometimes they'll randomly come to me. But I never really got successful at PKing. I started a few Level 3 Skillers as well because I had so much respect for them when I saw them. You might be wondering why Pies are all over the beginning and title of my log, besides the fact that my Username is 'Pies.' Well back around this time I was in Sal's clan chat, where I used to be a regular, and Fractangle, a few others and I were talking about the Evil Chicken. I'm not sure exactly how it happened now, but I'm pretty sure Fractangle and joked about the Chicken saying "Begone, Or Eat Pies!" and I thought it was a great idea, logged out, and BAM, 'Or_Eat_Pies' was born. That is the name that any of my old friends will remember me as. From that day forward I always got a laugh from Random Events, and Fractangle and I remained friends for a few years after until I went inactive.


A few weeks ago I heard that Old School was coming back from a friend at work. I went home, bought the $2 membership, and then I was sucked right back into the crack-like addiction that is Runescape. Unfortunately I was not able to figure out the details for that account or any other account, so I made a new account, 'Toufer,' pronounced (Two-fur). And I'm ready to get back into the game, and hopefully reconnect with some old friends!


Enjoy my log!

Please leave a comment

Any and all criticism is encouraged

Any and all advise is welcomed

Any and all support is awesome!




02. What's Current


In this section I will post my current bank, my current quest points, my current skill levels, and maybe some more if I think of anything else...


Current Quest Points: 8 (Expect this to be rising, as I am working on quests currently


Current Cash Pile: 32K


Current Total Level: 527




This bank is out-dated, I will get a current one up soon.



My Old School Tracker: http://www.07tracker.com/track/toufer




03. My Goals


My Long-term Goals are...

Attack [ 40 / 70 ]

Strength [ 32 / 70 ]

Defence [ 32 / 70

Hitpoints [ 34 / XX ] - No real goal for Hitpoints; whatever happens, happens.

Ranged [ 21 / 70 ]

Mage [ 1 / 60 ]

Prayer [ 16 / 56 ]

Fishing [ 61 / 80 ]

Cooking [ 57 / 80 ]

Woodcutting [ 57 / 80 ]

Firemaking [50 / 80 ]

Fletching [ 19 / 80 ]

Mining [ 19 / 60 ]

Smithing [ 30 / 60 ]

Crafting [ 1 / 60 ]

Farming [ 1 / 50 ]

Herblore [ 1 /50 ]

Thieving [ 27 / 60 ]

Agility [ 1 / 60 ]

Slayer [ 22 / XX ] - Slayer will be my main means of raising Combat, no exact long-term goal for Slayer at the moment.

Hunter [ 1 / 80 ]

Construction [ 1 / 50 ]


Completing all of these in 4 months while be near impossible. Maybe for some players it would be easy, but my Runescape background is mainly pures and Level 3 Skillers who are pretty limited in their training areas. It will be nice to use more of Runescape's features though.


My current, short-term goals are...

Attack [ 40 / 60 ]

Strength [ 32 / 60 ]

Defence [ 32 / 60 ]

Hitpoints [ 34 / XX ]

Ranged [ 21 / 70 ]

Magic [ 1 / 60 ]

Prayer [ 16 / 43 ]


Fishing [ 61 / 70]

Cooking [ 57 / 70 ]

Woodcutting [ 57 / 70 ]


Mining [ 18 / 40 ]

Smithing [ 30 / 40 ]


Slayer [ 22 / 50 ] Big Goal!


Other Goals...

Total Level [ 445 / 1000 ]

Quest Points [ 8 / 100 ]

Cash Pile [ 135K / 5M ]


These will definitely be doable in that 4 months. I will achieve all of these short-term and miscellaneous goals.


My Old School Tracker: http://www.07tracker.com/track/toufer




04. Questing


This is the section where I will post all of questing information, achievements, maybe tips if I come up with them, and the what not. Also, I might ask some questing questions here, so if you can answer them for me then please do!


Quest points goal [ 9 / 100 ]




Got an Ice Warriors Slayer Assignment recently so I completed the Quest Knight's Sword! Got me 30 Smithing, I've been the lazy the past few days so no pictures.



Just completed Tree Gnome Village, with the generous help of a friend who sat and blocked the Level 112 for me while I shot 500 Arrows at him to kill him. I have never before done this quest in my career, could anyone advise me on the spirit trees? Are they even useful? I couldn't find a guide about them.



I completed Witch's House for a little Hitpoints experience to offset the experience from Waterfall, which I forgot to take a picture of.


I also completed Waterfall and Cook's Assistant when I first started the account.




05. Combat and Slayer


I was originally going to make my account a pure, but that's always limited my playing of the game. So I decided to hell with that, I'm going to play parts of the game I never got to before now.


Attack [ 40 / 60 / 70 ]

I competed Tree Gnome Village for 36 Attack recently, shooting for 40 first, then some Strength, and then I'll shoot for 60 and do some more Questing!



Strength [ 32 / 60 / 70 ]

I plan on keeping Strength even, if not a bit higher, than my Attack. In the past I've usually kept Strength a lot higher, but I'm going to keep a balanced player.



Defence [ 32 / 60 / 70 ]

I plan on keeping Defenced balanced as well, and I really need to start training it soon!



Hitpoints [ 34 / XX / XX ]

Hitpoints I won't worry about, it will be what it is.



Ranged [ 21 / 70 ]

I believe I almost reached 70 Ranged on 'Or_Eat_Pies,' but I didn't quite make it. I would love to get this achievement for once.



Magic [ 1 / 60 / 80 ]

I definitely need to get 45 soon for teleports. It's either a pain or a money-hole to train though.


Prayer [ 16 / 44 / 70 ]

I will just bury all the bones I get from combat as well as those I see laying around. I don't plan to buy any unless I don't get to my goal as planned.


Hitpoints [ 34 / XX / XX ]

I have no plans to specifically go for Hitpoints through combat, or not to. What happens, happens.


Slayer [ 22 / 50 / XX ]

I plan on raising Slayer as high as I can as early as I can, it's always a skill I've loved, even if I haven't done much of it.




NOTE: There will be more coming soon, this much took me long enough. :P




Oh and we happened to be friends add me in-game and send me a message! Username is 'Toufer'


Shout out too...

Finisterra :wub:


Fractangle :wub:



Lord Earth


Plasmid :wub:

Rocky :wub: Old school forum supporter / friend


Lord Earth


Shout out to the guys that my Sal's profile says I'm friends with and I faintly remember... :P

Magic of Woodcut






Svanbo, 4 years inactive

Uther... 4 years inactive

Peanuts/Can 0f Spamm... 4 years inactive

That One Guy... 4 years inactive (I don't actually remember you at all, but my profile says your a friend lol)

N0va... 4 years inactive ( :wub: Old school forum supporter / friend)


Some of my old Runescape friends that I actually remember. Hopefully I'll remember more soon, and hopefully we get back in touch!

P.S. you probably only know me as Nate, Or_Eat_Pie, or Blunt Skill




Past Runescape names...

Toufer (current)

3P Raven



Blunt Skill



Banish3d (One or more of these lol)

B4nished (One or more of these lol)

Ban1shed (One or more of these lol)

Armyboy_1818 (maybe Armydude_1818)






Old Or_Eat_Pies pictures for nostalgic purposes.




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I remember you :box:.


Good luck with all your goals, and why not Range cockroaches too? :wizard:



I remember you too. ^_^ I might range Cockraches but I'm thinking about getting membership for a month later to sell the members stuff I didn't sell and then maybe Cannon/Throwing Knives for Ranged.



Stop quitting and coming back, nooblet. I hope you don't give up in three days like you usually do. :3


Good luck on your impossible-to-achieve goals!

:) Hopefully I'll stay for longer and not no-life. Oh and this time I actually made easy-to-achieve goals lol.

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I like your log so far. It's pretty good. But where the heck did you get 5 Mil? That's as much as my level 89's account has, and that just by the stuff I have!



Hmm... well 80 Fishing via Lobsters certainly helped a lot. And... 60-73 Woodcutting via Yews raked in some money too. I actually had more money after all of that but I would buy stuff to train, but change my mind and sell it all back and buy stuff to train a different skill and then do it again. Really wasn't smart lol. :box:


Welcome back to Sal's and RS :D


And good luck with your goals!

I remember you. Thanks. ^_^


Update: Haven't really done anything screenshot worthy lately. I bought 1000 Lobsters for combat, so I hope to stick with that for a while. I also got on my old skiller (Revolt_Unite) and raised a few minor levels. Nothing big. Going to buy homecoming stuffs today. :)

Edited by Pies
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thought you quit and deleted you lol


^_^ Well I did, but I cam back. I've already seen that you added me back. Thanks. :wizard:




I had a very busy weekend so I didn't get to play all too much. I have a busy weekend coming up too seeing as it's homecoming weekend. :box: But I managed to get 61 Hitpoints along with 52 Attack. Oh, and I died once at the Cockroaches when I was afk, putting a pizza in the oven.

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Update: 53 Attack. Seems like training goes faster when I use the Objectives tab to track how much longer I have left. Me gusta.


Nice log^^


Welcome back to RS :P



Thanks. :D



Glad to see you're back, congrats on 61 Hitpoints and good luck with any goals you got bro! :/

I now declare this log popular. FAMOUS PEOPLE POST AWAY

Thanks Uther. :wizard: Looks like you got two other people to post anyways. :)


Welcome back, although I can't say I remember you. Seems like a pretty good log so far, good luck with everything. :P

Can't say I remember you either lol, sorry. But thanks. :D


Hey Pie welcome back good luck on your goals remember Vogrin's drop party and you got the addy plate (g) i still remember than cause i wanted it >:P


Add me again on You Be D3ad :box:

It was actually a Rune Plate (G) lol. :( And without it I'm not sure I would've kept going on this account. So huge thanks to him lol. And huge thanks to you. ^_^ I'll add you.


G'luck with all your goals :P


Is that old forum you were running still up?

Thanks Shmoe. :P Me and Fini both quit so the forum went along with us lol. But maybe one day if we both get really bored we'll bring it back.





Missed the screenie because I was too busy being mad at the two guys running up and killing my cockroach with me. :o Thanks guys for the grats messages :) and Breaker's was a bit late. :D

Edited by Pies
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I checked this log out but i'm in the mood for pies. Can I have some?

:P Sure thing man. By the way I've seen you in the CC and Nirvana rules.


Congrats on 54 attack :D


Good luck with everything ^_^

Thanks Rocky. :)




55 Attack. Thanks Fract for the message, and also for giving me the idea for my Runescape name a year and a half ago. :wizard: I'm having really slow progress since I still have 40 Defence and I have to bank about every 10 minutes to get more Lobsters. I got a Rune Sq. drop today. I would have gotten two but right after I got one I wasn't paying much attention and I died. I teleported to Varrock, ran all the way back and I got there with about 2 or 3 seconds to spare. I left clicked, lagged. I tried to click the Repair option while I was frozen and when it unfroze I walked past and the grave dissapeared, and then my stuff along with it. Fail lol. Thanks to Icy for trying to help repair it. :box:

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