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The Log Lacking Pies || New Name 'Toufer' || REVAMPED LOG


Help me decide my first big goal!  

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  1. 1. What should be my first HUGE Old School goal?

    • Quest Cape!
    • 85 Slayer
    • 91 Runecrafting
    • 99 Hunter
    • 99 Thieving
    • 99 Woodcutting

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Congrats on all your combat levels ^_^


Looks like you did a lot to get 45 defence :P

lol ya, that was annoying.


Grats on 45 def, sorry I havent been on for your levels !! D:



It's fine man, thanks. :)


Congrats on 45 Defence. :D Trolls are own, don't ever diss them. Because I was a troll. :wizard:

Funny troll or annoying troll? :box:


Congrats on 45 defence :P

Thanks! :D


Well I had no levels over the weekend, but I had loads of fun. Back to being a nerd now. :P

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Ya I clicked on this link expecting a pie avalanche but all I got was a log....

Nice log and skills bro!

And unfortunetly you won't see me in Sals because i'm banned from the CC....

I'm always on world 71 though....


Mr Hardrune -.-

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  • 3 years later...

Well my log is back... and I'll kick it off with this level... :D





15 Hitpoints, noob level.


55 Woodcutting real quick.


I would like to apologize for falling off the face of the planet, to all of my Runescape friends. If you want add me in game! I wouldn't mind one bit.


Special shout out and thanks to... Rocky and N0va! After reading through my log again you guys showed me a lot of support back in the day! And apparently I showed you guys some too. :P But thank you very much.


Edit: Oh and here's my new cash pile, broke 100k! I've been buying Willows for 15-20 and selling them in smaller amounts for 30-35gp for extra cash while Woodcutting







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Whoa, nearly 4 years have passed since the last post. Good luck with the goals. Nice WC level so far. :)

Yep! I used to love making logs. :P Feels awesome to be back, and thank you very much! I'm pretty sure I checked your log out too.


On a side note...




Got that level real quick, and my cash pile is about to break 200k once I sell a few more Willows! Planning on a little questing tonight. Hopefully...


Oh, and I've died twice now while wearing a Lederhosen top and lost it. Fail







40 Cooking, got 300 Tuna, 1000 Lobsters, and 300 Swordfish left to cook and then off to do some combat!



Picked this up real quick. Levels 15 to 18 from lamps and books while skilling. I know it's nothing impressive. :P



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Pies! I thought I'd never see you again~

Plasma heat? :wub:






Finished Cooking everything from Fishing, sold some of my Swordfish for a Rune hatchet so I didn't get 60, but oh well. Another day. Questing, then Slayer later this week hopefullly!

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Pies! I thought I'd never see you again~

Plasma heat? :wub:

Plasma Heat indeedy. I'm debating over whether or not to get into 07scape; it's proving difficult at the moment. Grats on the levels!

Don't do it, it's worse than crack lol. But seriously, do it, and add me. And thank you man

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Happy Pi Day :D

Gosh thanks for reminding me! :P






Finished Waterfall last night for 30 Attack/Strength and just did Witch's House for 29 Hitpoints. :D Let me know if you have any quest suggestions for me, I haven't done many in my days.


Double Edit:



Completed Tree Gnome VIllage with the help of a generous friend. At 16 Ranged it took me 500 Arrows and 10 minutes to use my friend as a shield and safe the Level 112. But the deed is done. :D Also, revamped my log, it's not complete, but it's already looking a lot better! Check it out!

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Grats on 27 HP & Tree Gnome Village!

Got any combat plans (you just got 12K att xp from the quest :) ) ?


Good to see another old player back to 07!




Just leveling combat through Slayer, in the past I've always been about pures/skillers so this time I plan to take advantage of other aspects of the game! I would like to do Barrows sometime. Good to see you back too! ^_^





Here's a total update. Got a lot of levels that I didn't take pictures of. It's a pain to take screenshots of all these low levels.


Here's my 15 Prayer picture, which if you looked at the above pic is actually 16 now. :P

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