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Php Template System For Forum

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I've been developing a PHP forum for my website, it's been a success so far, apart from themes/templates.


I know there's a lot of pre-made classes such as Smarty and YATS, but I wanted to find one that would work with the forum software I'm developing.


I'm not asking for links to tutorials here (Unless they're very good, targeted at beginners and not tech-guru's)


If someone has a theory on how to do this, I'll be very grateful.


The plan is to have a working system where I can have for example 'template1.tpl' and in that,

<head> <title> {forum_name} </title> </head>
{forum_categories} <!-- (links to the actual forums inside) -->


Hope you can make sense of that, if you feel discussing solutions with me on MSN would be appropriate, PM me. I will also disclose the link to certain members over PM if required.




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