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Sed Vs Pinoy

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«02:57:35» {Jay_z_523} 1st round Melee binds Match opts No Sniping 10 est

«02:57:58» {Jay_z_523} 2nd round all styles full out NO sniping.

«02:59:38» {Beastboy370} corrupt/rings/bounds/who attacks?

«03:00:13» {Jay_z_523} NO corrupt rings allowed Middle bounds 1st round You attack

«03:00:18» {Jay_z_523} 2nd round you defend[/color]


Preview: Jay came to me asking for almost a week prep with Pinoy, Being curious to how Sed would preform against random top 10 clans I accepted.


Seduction starting Round 1:


Pinoy Starting Round 1: Pinoy can't count?


First piles tanked decent could have been better on our side, After dominating the entire first 7-9 piles Pinoy gives up and walks out and trys to run to single



Seduction Ending Round 1:



Random Pictures:











Seduction Starting:


Pinoy Starting:



Basically Pinoy claims we were sniping them at the start when we had 1 main pile, and it was basically Nulled right from the start with Pinoy sniping everyone and everything. We waited for the sniping to stop but it never did, so we left and called it a war.








I can't say I didn't expect this from Pinoy but I truly expected a better more honorable fight. Thanks for the fun, maybe another time -.-

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Congrats on your win The Seduction. It's a shame some of their members couldn't follow the no sniping rule, could have been an interesting fight.

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We knew it would be tough being outnumbered by as much as we were in the full out but at the same time we had confidence in our tanking abilities so who knows. No sniping rules are kinda cheesy anyways, someone always claims there was sniping even if it was just a random misclick but this was pretty much everywhere nonstop to it's impossible to say that was the case.

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Very impressive Seduction. You seem to only be getting better. I think you need to try and recruit some different(people who won't go inactive) players. I would love to see your ML/pulls go up.

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was kind of disappointed they didn't perform better, gf too bad for the second war, i was excited about it

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