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The Gladiatorz Vs Downfall

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As preparation for our fight on Sunday, I approached Downfall for some wars. After originally asking for PvP but being declined, we agreed to the following rules:

  • CWA Matched +/- 3 - Classic Centre bounds - Best 2/3
  • Higher pull attacks first round, then opposite
  • Ring allowed
  • No corrupt
  • Melee/binds/range

Round 1: Starting


Gladz: 31

Downfall: 34 (cut from 37)




Round 1: Summary


As DF rushed, 2 of our members DC'ed and it looked like they may halt our momentum. However, we regained composure and started binding well. In combination with our strong amount of rangers and meleers, we quickly KO'ed most of our targets. We finished with 22 members.


Round 1: Ending


Gladz: 22

Downfall: 0




Round 2: Starting


Gladz: 29

Downfall: 31




Round 2: Summary


Instead of starting off badly like the previous round, we quickly began KO'ing targets left, right, and centre. We killed their officials and snipers quickly which explains the lower ending, but our performance was excellant. We finished with 19 fighters.


Round 2: Ending


Gladz: 19

Downfall: 0




Random pictures





Thanks for the fight, Downfall.

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