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Sir Vough

Monkey Madness Inventory Suggestions


Hi all, I haven't done monkey madness *yet*, I haven't done puzzle yet, and I want some suggestions on what to wear and what to bring.


Here's my planned armor for first trip:


Proseltyte helm

proseltyte platebody

proseltyte platelegs

Power Amulet (I'm not brinig an amulet worth more than 10k, thank you very much -.- )

Ring of Deuling

Climbing boots

(Need suggestions on gloves: currently have leather gloves, make it kinda cheap and/or easy to get please)

Weapon: I plan on bringing Rune scimitar for first visit, and then a bring a cannon for the demon.

Shield: Rune Defender(I have like 12 of them) I can substitute it with maybe a rune kiteshield if needed.

Note: I could bring a Bronze-steel halberd too.



Some suggestions for my inventory would be nice, I don't plan on bringing more than 3-4 prayer pots/super restores, or more than 5 anti-poison, and I plan on fishing lobsters/swordfish for food.


Also, you can edit anything in my armor if you want.




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Well, as for armour for first goin to the island, i suggest using the armor u have. That armor is great for the prayer bonus. As for the weapon, try using the dragon mace or Wolfbane Dagger like the guide suggests. They both give a prayer bonus.


I used the guide on the site, and it is good. You can use whatever you want, but prayer gear is the best. And the dragon mace and Wolfbane Dagger are cheap to get back if u die.


Also, since u are using a cannon for the fight, use the same prayer armor. Bring a good amount of prayer potions.


Here is the cannon guide of what to wear for the final fight from the guide:


  • 1x Antipoison potion,
  • Good food (Lobsters or better recommended, but not really needed if you do this right).
  • A cannon
  • About 60 cannonballs
  • M'speak amulet
  • Monkey Greegree
  • 1x Prayer potion
  • Holy or unholy symbol, to keep prayer up for a longer time
  • The best prayer gear you have, Initiate or Proselyte, Monk Robes, Holy Book, Dragon Mace
  • Optional: Holy Wrench (Makes prayer drain slower and helps Prayer Potion effectiveness)
  • Optional: 1x ring of life, just in case…
  • Optional: Runes or Bow and Arrows to attack the Demon too


Here is a cannon guide for the final fight from the guide:

3. Cannon:


Make sure your Protect From Magic Prayer is turned on and take distance from the Demon to make sure it doesn't hit you with melee. Set up your cannon, load and fire it. Now you can wait and in the meantime range or mage it or you could hide behind the statue where the demon can't mage you. When needed go reload your cannon, don't forget to turn your prayer back on and be sure to stay clear of its melee attacks! This is by far the easiest way but also the most expensive.






Here is link to guide: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/MonkeyMadness.html

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good except switch the rune scim with the wolfbane dagger since it has a +5 prayer bonus which is very good for a weapon.

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I just finished it a minute ago. I brought:

a cannon

100 cbs (only used 13)

Prayer Potion (4) x1

Varrock Teleport Tablet


Wore: Rune plate and kite, red dhide legs, ring of life, dlong.


When he comes, setup and fire cannon, stand back with Protect mage, and range or mage him while cannoning or run in with melee after he is below 10% hp.


Obviously, you can change this to suit your cash and levels. Hope I helped!

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I over-estimated the quest a lot, and it seems a lot of other people do as well.

For the quest (not boss fight) just wear prosy armor, take a super anti-poison which will last 5 minutes without poison, and a fair few lobsters. It's seriously easy.


For the boss you can safe-spot it on the bridge, so just take a crossbow and the best d-hide you can wear. It's nowhere near as hard as it might look.

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