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Sotw 90 Voting

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1st - Youhei

2nd - Cal

3rd - Sk8

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1. Zooey - There is a ton of neg space, and it really doesn't look too hard, but for some reason I love it. :)

2. Doom - I like the effects. I'm not really digging the saturation level.

3. Youhei - Great smudging - you're really improving on your general flow. However, that little rectangle with the text in it kills the tag. :rolleyes:

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Might as well vote for once...


3 Points - Theobald

Great little tag with awesome flow. The heavy sharpening doesn't bother me. The area on the right is very bright though. The text is very obscure, but I like it.


2 Points - Youhei

Was very close with Theo. Only thing that bothered me was the stock placement - there is a lot of space above his head and to the left of him. Also, there seems to be a very rough transition from green to reddish around the middle of the tag. Great text though, looks like Stark, one of my favorite fonts :)


1 Point - Sk8Skull

Work on depth and mood. The techy thing below the text completely clashes with the classic Captain America font. Remember that borders aren't always necessary.




As for the other tags;


Zooey - this looks like it could've been a nice tag, but everything is way too overdone - contrast is simply through the roof, and all the speckles make it look low-quality rather than explosive.


Doom - was disappointed with this :rolleyes:, as you usually come with great signatures. This one is dull, and the focal doesn't stand out at all (like a big gray blob in the middle). Not digging the large text either.


As - a simple tag, but if you had put more work into it - smudging the background, giving it flow, etc. it could've been nice. Next time, try placing your focal more around the center of the tag.


Lol: a bit bland, try putting more effects next time. Also put your render in the middle, or near it next time.


(Sorry if I was critical, only trying to help)

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