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Owls shade

Pking Acc Types

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last time when i asked about my main...i found that it's too balanced...now i'm asking about other accs types:

1st(my main):

80 att

81 str

76 def

80 hp(near 81)

75 range

77 magic

65 prayer( i have bones for 70)

65 summ

107 cb......the 1st idea about this acc was for quests....(atm 4 more quests and i can wear again the cape)



75 att

75 str

65-75 def

? hp

75 magic

75 range

70 prayer

52+ summ........this acc is for quests(maybe if it's possible to get quest cape)


other ideas i don't have.......i wanna to try pking for cash cuz:i have a friend that e won from pking around 180 mills and spend them for 99 prayer(idk his strategy and he is now around 136)

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