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The Gladiatorz Vs. Knights Of Order

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Looking for a fight for this weekend we approached KO for a fight. We agreed on the following rules:

◦No Corrupt/Dungeon Items

◦Attack on Sight

◦All Styles

◦Rings allowed

◦Team if Crashed

◦East tree - spiders boundaries.

◦1.5 hour cap


We hyped this fight up all week, and prepared hard for the weekend looking forward to a good fight. We didn't pull as well as we would have liked, but still a reasonable amount. I believe we peaked at ~ 34 in TS for this fight, which hopefully will improve after finals! Unfortunately KO had a worse pull than us, pulling 66 starting options (29 on ts).



Gladz: 102 options



KO: 66 options(29 on TS)


Our first world CR hit some KO members as they went to defend. So we gave them some more time to regroup and return. Having found a new world we commenced battle, I believe most of our piles were ko's a few got decent drags on us while our binds slacked but eventually our pile just overwhelmed them with numbers and they were forced to call it off. Thanks for the fight KO it was pretty clean minus the few snipers who camped you, and a couple of us. We killed them when we saw them however.


Ending options:

Gladz: 114 options


KO: 0 (Called off returning)


One of the random NH snipers we killed:


name was like FAWKKEKEKWIKEK or some crap.


Random pictures:





Once again, good fight KO.

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