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Res Vs Red Blade Hunters

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So after a few days of having of not being able to find any kind of fights, finally angel found and got one with Red Blade Hunters.


Rules were:

F2P CWA (safe,BORING) center bounds


NO offensive spells, curses, range, dung, rings

Side that spawns North Attacks

Matched opts


They spawned north so after matching us they attacked. On the charge they piled our clan pin cushion, 2ndcoming, and we piled some level 114. 2ndcoming got uterly dicked on (yeah I'm calling you out!) and the score was quickly made 10 to 11. We fought hard and piled their high level binders while they took out our low levels. At a few points we were down by 2 people (8 to 10). With some great tanking done by our low levels, we managed to narrow their lead and come back. When the fight became a 5v5 we managed to slaughter the rest of them and win with no more deaths. Good job everyone!


Res Starting:


Res average combat- 116.82


RBH Starting:


RBH average combat- 115.36



Res Ending:





Some shout outs:

Great tanking Angel, Chris, Holy, Solin, Redchicken, and Rayne. You guys brought this fight back for us

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