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Rfd And Barrows Gloves


Kay so going to start slayer again. Need to get Barrows Gloves, how long will it take to do the all 10 parts for the gloves?


I still need to do Shadow of the Storm and DT for the pre-reqs. I have all the required levels.

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All the parts are basically mini-quests, so under an hour for each is easily doable. You could count on each part being around 30 mins if you have enough teles and money to buy everything you need...and you should either use our guide or Zybez's.

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Looking at all the Subquests, it doesn't look like it'd take too long to do each one.



Part 1: The cook: Immediate

Part 2: The dwarf: 20~ minutes

Part 3: The goblins: 15~20 minutes

Part 4: Pirate Pete: 30~ minutes

Part 5: Lumbridge Guide: 15~ minutes

Part 6: Evil Dave: Up to an hour

Part 7: The ogre: 40~ minutes

Part 8: Sir Amik: 40~ minutes

Part 9: Awowogei: 45~ minutes

Culinaromancer: Not long, 10 minutes


Those are all guesses, based on looking at the quest guide and remembering how long it took me. These times apply only if you have all the items you need and you're teleporting from place to place.

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