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Mistakes In The Diary Guides

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It says to use a Monkey Greegree for one task in the Ardougne diary, but not just any greegree works. It didn't work with my archer greegree because I was a different monkey than the ones in the cage. I don't know if this is an update by Jagex, since there's a gorilla monkey on the picture.

Also in the seers diary you need a bow string to add to the magic shortbow too, but that's not mentioned anywhere, I thought I just had to fletch an unstringed bow. The rewards are wrong too. The lamp from the Medium tasks is for skills above 40, and the lamp from the hard tasks is for skills above 50. I'm gonna have to keep the 2 lamps in my inventory until I get 40 and 50 dungeoneering now, bah.

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