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Weekly Update Teaser Images!

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BTS regarding this update:

For our final update of the year, we're adding a new monthly D&D that could earn you Construction, Slayer and Prayer XP. Simply put, you'll be able to build statues dedicated to a variety of gods by solving puzzles based around an ingenious mix of physical scaffolding and code-breaking gameplay. Sound strange? Not as strange as the sculptor who's designed the holy landmarks dotted around the world. It's available to players with any Construction level, and is all set to end the year with a real bang.
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Basically on the first workday of every month (so not the 1st if its a holiday or weekend) Jagex posts a Behind The Scenes news article on the site, you can view the January one here: http://services.runescape.com/m=news/behind-the-scenes-january-2013 They've also started posting behind the scenes videos fairly regularly, but I find the news article easier to keep track of.

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Thats interesting, a Zaros symbol over the entrance... I wonder if abyssal demons / whips get an update, and I don't think abyssal demons have gotten a graphical update in the 8 years that they've been released? I still probably wont return to the slayer tower untill I get a task there.

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22 Febuary 2013 Teasers


Image 1:




Image 2:






Image 3:





Image 4:





Image 5:





It occurs to me that I haven't posted last week's teaser screenshots for you guys... sorry for the delay!


Any guesses? :o

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