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If You Could Have One Rs Item Afk, Which Would You Choose?

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I think it's a fairly difficult decision. For me, all the weapons can be ruled out since they're used to kill people and killing someone would make my life worse instead of better. Any armor would be to bulky to wear on a daily basis and I'm bound to get hurt when they least expect it. So, I'm left with enchanted jewelery or the Explorer's Ring 4.


I'm going with Ring of wealth or Bracelet of regeneration as my top choice. I considered the Amulet of Catspeak, but I doubt a real cat would have anything interesting to say. Chances are they'd just nag me to feed them or try to tell me a fascinating story about how much fun they had chasing a bug. :huh:

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Do you mean IRL (in real life) Rather than AFk (away from keyboard)?


Umm for me it would be a gatestone. I could just teleport to work, thus giving me a bigger lie in every morning. God i'm so boring :huh:


Or an explorers ring, As I like the idea of the midas touch! and I'd still be able to teleport!

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