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Worst Thing Thats Happened To You In Rs?


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well, i died and lost 600k


I was going to quit coz that was my bank net at the time.. :\




I sold my santa hat for 500k when it was worth that.


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1. I sold my H'ween mask.


2. A strange plant killed me in Piscatoris, and I didn't make it back in time. I lost a couple dragon items and my skill cape hat, and you can't get the hat back without paying another 99k.

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And i got 2 defence on accident.

On no! Not 2 defence, your pure it TOTALLY ruined!![/sarcasm] Jeez, it's just 2 def. :huh:


I gave my pass away to a real life "friend" who said he'd get me members. I ended up losing most of my stuff and lost the account for a month or two.

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Interesting...choice of words. What were you risking?


I suppose the worst time was when I died and mum wanted to talk to me, so I couldn't collect my stuff. That didn't matter too much though, I was only risking a bit of rune.

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I would say the worst things that ever happened to me:

Dieing in the wildy with a lvl 3 clue, I forgot what all I had, but I lost my whip. (this was back when they were only like...1 mill though :mellow:)


Dieing in the wildy with my Green h mask, on my way to clan wars, due to a rev, and no1 blessed my grave. I got there just in time to pick up my green h mask, guthix helm and Ammy of Str (t), but lost D long, dds, and mace. (I was freaking out when I died though :/


My second or third month of rs, I still didn't know much about rs, I didn't know about the wildy (back when wildy was the old wildy, before the Marionettes, and hats/scarves), a player told me to walk north of varrock, and I had my full guthix, and all my random event stuff with me :huh:



I forgot what year it was, but I was at the Fally d party room, with all my valuable stuff, and I was literally pulled away from the computer before I had a chance to log out, and a random attacked...I had a screen recorder running...I died to an evil chicken....Some lucky noob got my guthix stuff, and ammy of str t, and wouldn't give it back to me.


My second week of RS, I fell for the "Runescape now blocks your password scam"....wow I was such a noob lol.


edit:just remembered some more:

I sold my green mask, in an attempt to merchant, because it was crashing...the next day it sky rocketed, and I ended up losing 2 mill to get it back (back when it was 20 mill)

I bought BGS for around 27 mill...Look at it now :unsure:

I bought D claws for 34 mill...again, look at it now :wub:

Back when I first bought the green h mask, it was only 9 mill. At the time, I had the money to buy 5 of them, and didn't. If I would have bought them, and sold them at their peak, I would have over 480 mill (I would keep 1, that I am never gonna sell)

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I've only died twice. Once was a trial run at Elvarg. (Lost some rune)


I suppose the worst thing was being PKed in wildy. Lost full addy but for my kite, helm and sword. That was back in '08 or '07 I think.


I mean old wildy. I feel so old telling my story.

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I lost 52 million coins and im not sure how exactly. I think i may have accidently dropped them because of that drop while in bank glitch. But i logged in after a day of not playing and i had 1 gp rather than than the 52 million i was expecting to see. I had about 100 million at the time.

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