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100 Most Popular Albums

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I think that Funeral by arcade fire should be up there since I have read multiple post's where it's been used (including this post). Here's my ten that's just off the top of my head.


Arcade fire - Funeral

Flaming lips - Yoshimi Battles the pink robots

None more Black - This is satire

Tiger army - III: ghost tigers rise

The get up kids - Something to write home about

Postal service - Give up

Say anything - ...is a real boy.

Gaslight anthem - The 59 sound

Operation Ivy - Energy

The Descendents - Somery

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my top:


Powerslave - Iron Maiden


Everything Goes Numb - Streetlight Manifesto


Ride the Lightening - Metallica


Bu-ikikaesu - Maximum the hormone


Downtown Battle Mountain - Dance Gavin Dance

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liquid swords - gza

illmatic - nas

be - common

my beautiful dark twisted fantasy - kanye west

below the heavens - blu

the blueprint - jay z

black album - jay z

tyler the creator's debut

krit wuz here - big krit

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